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Bubbles issues

would people know when to use bubbles at my ceremony when I'm not leaving the building? I want them to use them right after the kiss and we walk down the isle together. I am doing pictures before hand and only a few afterward because my reception basically follow directly after my ceremony. do I need to give people direction as to when to use them or u think theyll figure it out or just end up with bubbles in their hand unused after the ceremony!

Re: Bubbles issues

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    I like the ideas of the BMs/GMs knowing to start at the time you want, and having little tags on the bubble bottles directing when to use them.  Otherwise, I feel like no one knows when to do it, so it just doesn't happen.
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    Great Idea! The saying is perfect too!
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    thanks for posting this thread! I definitely wanted to use bubbles somehow, but didnt know if people would know what to do. I think its a great idea if you tell your bridal party what you want, and hopefully everyone will follow their lead.
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    I love the message idea! I think a small tag will really get guests excited to wish you guys well while exiting :)
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