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Two invite questions...


Our wedding is going to have a feel that is more modern than not. Does anyone have any recommendations for places I can look online for invites that have a modern feel to them? I don't want anything too flowery.

On another topic, there are about 6-7 people from my work who I think may be expecting invitations. My FI and I don't have the $$ to invite all of them and their spouse but, there are 3 that I would like to invite. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. My question is... is it okay to invite 3 people and not others or should I invite everyone (or no one) from work?

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Re: Two invite questions...

  • You can give the work guests a heads up that you aren't inviting everybody and they shouldn't discuss it at work.

    Where have you looked so far for invitations?  I think most places have a variety of patterns, including ones that have a more modern look.
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  • I just posted this below - I love our invitations and got a ton of positive feedback from guests.  She ended up doing something a bit more traditional/flowery for us (pic in blog), but with a more modern take.  She has a bunch of other options that are more modern and the paper she uses is really nice quality.

    In terms of your office, I ended up in a similar position.  My office is really small - but I couldn't invite everyone, so I chose to invite my direct supervisor who I am extremely close to and our boss.  I think people understand and don't always expect to be invited.

    Tessa is the best! she is working on my invites now and she is so great to work with too!
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