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Where to get invitations?

I have just begun my invitation search... it's a little overwhelming.  I really like the pocketfold invitations, however they seem to be pretty expensive. 

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to order them?  With research i've heard 123print is great (however I couldn't find any pocketfolds) and i've heard weddingpaperdivas is great (however, expensive pocketfolds).

Thanks so much for any suggestions!!!!

Re: Where to get invitations?

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    csh96csh96 member
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    I also loved the pocket folds but found them to be very expensive to have them made.  So, I ended up going with a DIY version and loved how they turned out!  I bought pockets, cardstock, and envelopes from Paper and More.
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    Thanks for the heads up... Is it extra postage because of the weight and:or size?
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    I used WIlton
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    If you are a DIY-er and want to make the pocketfolds yourself I have a great tutorial that I use to make pocketfolds for my clients! I hunted ALL ovvver the internet for it and I'm glad I kept at it because the lady is really good!
    I own an invitation/stationery studio but I myself can't afford what Envelopments charges for you to be an authorized dealer of the products, so I improvised :)
    If you want the link to the tutorial, send me a message and Ill be happy to pass it on to you :)
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    Pocketfolds are expensive because there is often a lot of layering and taping involved, so a lot of what you pay for is labor, but you could make them yourself or check out - you might also be able to work with someone to print them for you, and then you assemble them. I remember one pocket fold job I did for my old job at a local stationery shop (here's a picture!) took 7 solid hours of work to print and assemble 130, just to give you an idea of time.
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    audmurph00audmurph00 member
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    I would check out

    Sarah Glad, who runs the company, is based in Minnesota, and she does amazing custom invitations at a fraction of the cost of getting them done in a stationary store.  You will not be disappointed (or sticker shocked).  Sarah will do a phone consultation with you and then everything else can be done over email.  She did my save the dates and invitations and everything turned out amazing!  I highly recommend her!
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    ATRS525ATRS525 member
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    Thanks everyone!!!
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