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freaking out a little

so last year halloween there eas a snow storm this year a hurricane and nexy year i am gettimg married the day after halloween i am hoping that the weather is not going to be horrible on this week 3 years in a row in NYC... 

Should i get wedding insurance or jsu hope for the best it is going to be an indoor cermony and reception but in diffrent places  
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Re: freaking out a little

  • Unfortunately, you can't predict the weather, and both of the storms you referenced were unusual. If you wedding is inside, I'd be surprised if you really have to worry about it. Don't freak yourself out!


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  • You really can't predict it. I mean hopefully with this crazy weather it won't happen again next year, but if it does, it's just another story that eventually you'll look back on and laugh :) ...right? I'm pretty certain it'll rain on my wedding day, but, you know, whatever.

    Maybe insurance is worth it? I have no idea how much that costs or anything. Just remember that these past two years *have* been quite out of the norm!! You've got an entire year left for weather craziness to do its thing!

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