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I am sooooooooo indecisive and cannot decide on a theme or color scheme. The wedding will be the second weekend in November in Cleveland Ohio. I don't know wether to go winter or fall.... HELP! Thanks :)

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  • I'm not going with a "seasonal" color theme- doing purples and vibrant pinks with white contrast, because that's what I like! Most people on the boards will tell you to do the same: pick colors you like, don't worry about them being in season!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • I wouldn't necessarily plan your wedding around the season unless that's what you and your fiance wanted it to be.  I believe that if you have a vision and idea of what you'd like your wedding to be then follow that path.  If it happens to incorporate fall colors or winter white - go with it and make it fun.  Most importantly make it yours! 

    I second Sarahdactyl and say do what colors/patterns that you like!  If you like it.... your guests will LOVE it! 

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  • I'm not doing a seasonal theme either.  Just picking colors that FI and I like (pink and navy). 
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  • I am in the same boat. I am struggling with a color scheme. My FI and I have had some interesting discussions around colors. He thinks we should go seasonal but doesn't like reds oranges and golds and he says no way on browns or black. Any suggestions?
  • My orignial colours were black and white. But once my MOH put on a navy blue dress, they changed! My colours are navy blue and silver and a hint of ivory )to compliment my wedding dress). You can go with any colours you like!
  • Wow - this is really helpful! I was struggling trying to figure out what to do because my venue has floor to ceiling windows of the nature forest outside.  I dont really want to do oranges, browns, etc.  Would Navy work in something like that considering my wedding will be 11.02.13 in a Chicago Suburb?
  • FI proposed at the Western Reserve Historical Society. He's originally from the Cleveland area.

    I didn't want stereotypical fall colors, so I ended up dark purple BM dresses and my dress is gold (second time bride and didn't want to wear white or ivory).

    I'm going to throw fuschia in there too just for fun.
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    We're doing Pink and Blue, our favorite colors. In fact, if we had to give our wedding a theme, it would be "our favorite things". Our favorite colors, our favorite cake flavors, our favorite foods, our favorite sports, our favorite music, etc.  The ceremony and reception will be just infused with our personalities, quirks and all!
  • If you want to stick to a seasonal wedding but dont care for oranges and browns dark purples greens and golds are great even the right red is a good fall color.
  • thanks for your help everyone! We decided on plum and dark grey tuxes! Less than 9 months!
  • We are doing Aubergine and accents of white or possibly silver. We are having succulents in the bouquet and boutonnière :) pick what you like!!!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Theme/colors!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am sooooooooo indecisive and cannot decide on a theme or color scheme. The wedding will be the second weekend in November in Cleveland Ohio. I don't know wether to go winter or fall.... HELP! Thanks :)
    Posted by Rebecca518[/QUOTE]

    <div>I am also getting married the second weekend in November in Cleveland!!  We chose to go with a dark purple and what I keep calling a deep raspberry.  So purple and dark pink, they're colors I like so I went with it.</div><div>
    </div><div>On another note...where in Cleveland are you getting married?</div>
  • brown, champagne, gold, copper, ivory...just a tiny hint of orange and dark red
  • Im getting married that weekend as well in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. We are totally going fall colors! Deep orange, olive green, brown...very rustic romance to fit our style and venue! 
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