November 2013 Weddings

That Special Thing!

What is something so special that you plan on doing at your ceremony and or reception? Why are you doing it?
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Re: That Special Thing!

  • oooooh!!! that's a GOOD question!!! I have a few ideas (instead of clinking the glass for wedding kiss, etc), but I wanna hear everyone elses' first!
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  • Photobooth and roll your own cigars for the guys. We have a huge deck we can use at the reception so since I know they will smoke cigars anyway let them have fun with it!
  • For the ceremony, we're having friends do readings that they are selecting, not us, which to me, makes them more special. Also, we're thinking of renting telescopes and doing star-watching with professional astronomers. Yes, we are total geeks. And the gelato cart from our favorite ultra-delicious local gelato place.
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