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Is anyone else getting married 11-12-13?

Re: Is anyone else getting married 11-12-13?

  • Shannon, have you checked the November 2013 roster sticky?


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    [QUOTE]I am!
    Posted by saritabonita22[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Awesome! How are the plans going so far? Can I ask what your timeline looks like as far as ceremony & reception start times? Here's mine (tentative)...</div><div>
    </div><div>6:30- ceremony begins (pictures before)</div><div>6:45- ceremony ends</div><div>6:50-7:20- cocktail "hour"</div><div>7:20- first dance</div><div>7:25- dinner</div><div>8:05- cake</div><div>8:15- open dancing</div><div>9:00- bouquet toss</div><div>9-10:30- open dancing</div><div>11:00- reception ends</div><div>

  • I am getting married 11-12-13 in San Antonio, tx! Best date EVER!
  • LeciaBLeciaB member
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    Hi I am not getting married on that date.. i think it is super cool still but that time line seems similar to what mine is going to be.. I think mine is a difference of maybe 5-10 minutes for each part.

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  • I am also getting married 11-12-13 in sunny Florida!!!!! :D So excited!!!!
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  • We are!!! In Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.
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