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Beef for Planning/Booking Early? (slight rant)

Hello - was curious if anyone was getting snide remarks from family members for planning so early. My older sister (by 2 yrs) has already laughed at me behind my back as my mother told me. Lovely. And she'll be 32 next month and I'll be 30 so it's not like we're "young ones."

I love to plan and typically have a plan B & C. I know there's some things I can't buy right away but I am finding some benefits of planning early. Some photographers that I have received quotes from plan to raise their prices next year, and if I book now, they will honor their cheaper price for this year. And since the FI & I are funding everything - i see this as a good thing. lol

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same (good or bad).

Re: Beef for Planning/Booking Early? (slight rant)

  • You're definitely not alone! But when it comes down to it, you being prepared and not stressed far outweighs having to stomach their unecessary/rude remarks. So plan away!!! :)
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