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friday wedding? yay/nay?

thoughts  on doing a 4pm ceremony on a friday ? grooms side is from east coast and brides  side is west coast for a west coast ceremony? pros and cons please 

Re: friday wedding? yay/nay?

  • If guests have to travel, 4 PM is quite early - they'd have to take off Friday, if not Thursday, from work to get in. 

    A lot of people love Friday weddings, but I think you need to have an evening ceremony to make it work for your guests (especially if many of them - sounds like groom's side - are OOT).

    Pros: You'll probably get to save some money on venue and vendors having a Friday wedding. 

    I've heard some people say they like waking up and having the rest of the weekend to do what they wanted, but if your guests are traveling it's not like they can get started on their to-do list- they have to get back on a plane!! (And the flight back to the east coast from California can be a doozy.)

    Cons: Many guests might not be able to attend due to scheduling; possibly not as much down time before the wedding to get to see OOT guests?

    We have to travel to most weddings, and I am really not a fan of Friday ceremonies. I don't think we can ever make them work. If your guests are local it might be easier. 

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  • I am having a 4pm wedding on a friday and have been to onesI am having the church at 4pm the reception isnt until 7 just dont expect everyone to come to the cermony
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  • I would not hold a 4pm wedding on a Friday. People work, and I know I work until 530, so I would have to take leave for it. I would ask your VIP guests if that time works for them and proceed accordingly.


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  • My wedding is set for Friday at 3pm. FI and I got the time cleared with our VIPs so that's all we needed to book it. 
  • Our wedding is a Friday at 4:30pm.  We know it will mean people have to take at least a half day off work, if not the whole day, so we sent our save the dates really early.  That way, people can plan and make arrangements.  I realize it's a challenge for people, BUT the way I see it, the people who are really important to us will figure out a way to be there.  It was a decision we had to make based on finances, and it allowed us to get married in a place we LOVE by sacrificing on having the wedding on a Friday.  I also won't be offended if people don't go to the ceremony, but make the reception at 6.
  • I had a friend who had a Thursday evening was really rough on us.  My FI had to essentially take 3 days off of work to be in it and I couldn't go because of school.  Friday is way better than a Thursday but it's still really rough.  My FI and I both work crazy hours and I'm a full time student so I have to put school first.  

    Fridays are generally good, but know that having a ceremony during regular working hours means people may not come.  
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  • Friday weddings are hit or miss I went to one and I had to rush home from work because it "started" at 7. It really started at 8:30 I think they are good as long as you start on time and just keep in mind people may or may not have had to work earlier in the day

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  • My wedding is on a Friday (the Friday before Thanksgiving), but it is @ 7:30PM.  All of our people are local &/or retired, so that makes it easier and I planned it for later so that people would have time to get home from work and change before heading out to the wedding.  The only person that I am concerned might have an issue is my niece because she is in college.

    You really need to base your decision on the needs of you and your FI, your family, friends, & guests.  If everything works out for a 4:30 wedding, then go for it.  Just remember that it may be harder for people to take the time off work especially if your date is later in the month of November. 
  • My FI and I are having a Friday wedding. I wasn't thrilled about it at first, but that was really our only choice due to the church availability. Pretty much everyone that we have told hasn't had a problem with it and have been understanding and are excited about it being a whole "wedding weekend". We are planning activites in the area for guests on both Saturday and Sunday if people want to stay in the area. The people I feel the worst for are our wedding party since they have to take both Thursday, (or at least a half day for the rehersal) and Friday off from work but we were very clear when asking them, that if this was an inconvenience for them we understand and would be honored for them to just be guests if that was easier. We're also planning on being understanding if all of our bridal party can't attend the rehersal due to work obligations. None of them voiced any problems with it and all accepted the role. I think that with enough notice your guests will be fine with a Friday, and if they aren't then they won't attend.
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    [QUOTE]thoughts  on doing a 4pm ceremony on a friday ? grooms side is from east coast and brides  side is west coast for a west coast ceremony? pros and cons please 
    Posted by erusso23[/QUOTE]

    <div>My future brother in law got married on a friday afternoon because it was the only day the venue was available for 2 years it was a little stressful having to miss work and my FI had to miss 3 days of work (final tux fitting, rehersal and wedding) but i was nice to have the whole weekend to recover from all the stress and running around</div><div>
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