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BP, BIG or small?

Have you decided on your bridal party yet? Will you have a large one or a small one and how did you decide who to include?
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Re: BP, BIG or small?

  • I'm having four girls- two MOHs and two bridesmaids.  I couldnt decide between my sister and my best friend for MOH so I made them both maids of honor.  My best friend has offered to help with more of the "fun" things while my sister will do more day-of things (sign the marriage license as our witness and hold my bouquet, etc).


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  • I am having 4 as well... 1 MOH and 3 best friend is my MOH...I originally asked my sister to be my MOH, but with her being in another state (all the way in MA), we didn't think it was a good idea since the MOH does everything with the bride like venue search and hang out with the bride and talk about ideas, my best friend who lives here in FL with me is my MOH
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    I too am having four.  One MOH and three bridesmaids.  I actually had a different MOH at the beginning, but we had a falling out and aren't really friends anymore.  I know alot of people frown upon replacing people, but a close friend watched me suffer through the friend breakup and wanted to take over that spot for me.  So now my part of the wedding party consists of a close friend from high school, a close friend from college, a close friend from medical school, and my FSIL.
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    I am having 2 maids, 2 matrons (all four sisters), 3 head bridesmaids (all BFF'S), 8 bridesmaids (consisting of 1 sis in law, 4 cousins and 3 friends), 4 best men (my husbands' brother and 3 cousins), 11 groomsmen (all cousins), 2 hostesses, 4 flower girls, 1 ring bearer, 1 crier, 1 bible bearer and the kitchen sink! LOL

    I was trying to out do my mom and dad, they had a sixty person wedding party, lol
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  • I have one MOH, and six bridesmaids. He has one BM and six groomsmen. We have a jr bridesmaid and jr groomsman, and 4 ring bearers.
  • Princess, the only duties the MOH has are to get the dress and show up sober and clean on the day. Anything else is gravy.
       I'm having one MOH and up to 4 FGs-depending on which kids will be coming from OOT. Possibly 2 ringbearers, again depending.
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  • I haven't had many girl friends throughout the course of my life, so I figured this would be easy, like, my sister and two friends. But, now I've got my sister (MOH), my roommate, my best friend, and then two friends who I've gotten really close to lately, and another friend who I feel like would be very disappointed if I didn't include her. So, now I've got to narrow it down. I'd like to have my MOH and then 3 girls. That seems totally reasonable.
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    I have three best friends. Two I have been friends with for over 18 years with and we all grew up together. And my newest friend for about 5 years now. My circle is small I don't really have a lot of friends. Its a hard choice. One friend lives in Boston and I have known her for 18 yrs and the other two live in Miami same as me. I don't know who to choose for MOH and I haven't really said anything to the two I have been friends with the longest because I don't want anyones feelings hurt. They know I am planning and know all the details and that I want them to participate. I just haven't said anything about what role they will play on that day. :/
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