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It's official! Place has been booked!!

I am so excited! I booked the ceremony/reception a few days ago!!! Officially getting married November 12, 2013! (11/12/13...haha) Just knowing that the day and place is officially booked, makes me more excited than before...because it's really happening!! I'm Getting Married!!!! :D
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Re: It's official! Place has been booked!!

  • Congrats!!!  Such a fun anniversary date!

  • You should be excitted, i was for awhile after we booked ours. Now onto another project. LOL. Anyway congrats on booking the venue.
  • thanks! Yeah, now I'm thinking about everything else...trying to organize my thoughts so it's not scrambled...I got my colors thought of...marine blue and ivory with a hint of silver.

    My future sister-in-law told my FI that she was going to pay for the wedding cake, we just pick it out! I was so happy to hear that!! :D
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  • We have plenty of time to plan, so deep breaths! Your sis paying for your cake is awsome. Anything anyone offers to pay for is suck a help. My cake is included in my venue. I have my choice of two bakers from them and I get to pick the cake from there, but the venues handles the payng and all that stuff. It worked out cheaper this way. I thought about doing it myself but it was built into the price, and it worked out cheaper to use their baker. It was like a 2 dollar discount to do it myself but this would have made the cake much more expendsive. After the venue I focused on photography bc that seems to be another thing that books up quick. I take my time and work on one thing at a time, then deside what I am going to book. I also have a binder with things in it for the wedding. Helps keep me organized.
  • I definitely need to get me a binder. I'm horrible at organization haha..I *do* have a box organizer with folders and such...and a calendar book to keep me up to date with things...but I'd love to bring my binder or notebook to work so on slow times I can write ideas down and other thigns...I'm picking Randy Chapman to do my photos, because he was one of the photographers in the "Preferred List", and he has done Disney Weddings before as well...I've seen his work, and fell in love with it. Now I'm looking for a DJ!!

    but it's a good idea to get that binder..I need to stop by the store to get one! Wink 

    How's planning going for you? What are your colors??

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  • It is good, I have most of the big stuff done. Venue, which included food, drinks and cake. Dress is ordered. Photographer is booked, band is booked. Church is booked, and paperwork done, waiting to hear on Pre Cana. Im looking at florists now. I am doing Deep red, gold and black. It looks really pretty all together and I love the fall flower arangements. I love the red, gold and orange flowers together.Yes i know it sounds strange but somehow it works and I love it. We thought about doing Navy, I love that color, Send me some pics of things you are looking to do. And I love silver. I have a white gold e ring and FI always buys me white gold jewlery. I wanted to do silver but it didnt work with out church and venue, and the backdrop at our reception. Its a lake a trees and silver would not fit. I am so jeleous of everyone who has silver.
  • I have a bridal planner some one got it for me as a gift and it is nice bc you put your own dates in. It helps keep me organized also. I am going to look up your photographer also, they sounds awsome. I love my photographer and am so glad I do, bc they are with you all day. Its like the one vendor if you dont like could ruin you day!
  • omg seriously!!! I want to be happy on my wedding day, not be upset because of a vendor I don't like...but I've heard GREAT things about Chapman Photography! Who is your photographer?
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  • I looked up your photographer online, I like his style. He used the tradition wedding photography but seems to make it fun and puts it in a journalistic way also. I liked what I saw, I am sure you wont be disappointed! Wish he lived closer or I would have called him. LOL. We are using Lauren Guiliano, she did my SIL wedding, they were one of her first weddings. And then my SIL's SIL, if that makes sense, used her. I love all of their pictures. She does a good job and her price was amazing. And I love that she uses a lot of different styles and her personality is awsome.
  • That's really cool!! Now I'm gonna look up YOUR photographer!! ;) 

    And the SIL's SIL thing made perfect sense! I felt rather smart that I knew what that meant hahaha 
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  • LOL, thats funny! I wasnt sure if it would make sence. But glad it did. Look up my photographer, tell me what you think.
  • I saw the pictures...omg such beautiful pictures!!!! :D Looks like you picked a great photographer, too!!! I like the B&W/color trick she did in the mirror!!! You must be sooo excited! :)
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  • Thats awsome right, u should see some of the other things she has done with pictures. She does some awsome fade work to bring out certian things. I am very excitted. I feel like my wedding is so far away.
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