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A young woman that I know is giving serious considertion to scheduling her marriage for the day after Thanksgivining. She has not confirmed that as her wedding date, but ..

Her reasons: 1) It's a Friday. Venues will be cheaper. 2) It will be a Catholic cermony; a Friday ceremony eliminates the Saturday afternoon "Mass gap"situation 

Most of her guests will be local; only a few will need to travel on Friday.

Is anyone scheduling or has scheduled a wedding for Black Friday.?

Feedback would be appreciated


  • I know people who planned their wedding on Saturday after Thanksgiving, but not Black Friday.  The important thing is for your friend to check with her VIPs- the family and friends more important- to see if this would work for them.  If no one has a problem, I dont see why it wouldnt work.  I'd also recommend she sent Save the Dates as early as possible (usually they are sent 6-9 months out, so she should aim to send them around 9 months) to give people the heads up in case they have other Thanksgiving plans.

    Honestly, I dont know that I would attend a wedding on Black Friday unless it was for a very close family member or friend, but thats because I am usually away with family during that time.

    Best of luck to your friend!


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  • I think it sounds like a great idea in theory, however, may execute poorly. Since it is the Friday after a holiday, she may not save any money at all. Generally venues try to take advantage of holidays as much as they do with Saturdays. 

    Also, she should be prepared for a lot of people that don't want to go to the wedding because they have their traditions that they'd rather not miss out on. Which could happen regardless of the date you choose, but this would be more likely on a holiday weekend. 

    Best of luck to her in her decision.
  • I myself am a Black Friday bride. My family does not have any holiday traditions that extend past dinner on Thursday. And my fiances family is not from America so they do not celebrate Thanksgiving to begin with. He does have family coming from out of town, so they would have to tae off work to travel anyway....our date makes it so that they are already off work. Besides, any date that you choose, someone is going to find a reason not to come and those aren't the people I want in my life anyway!
  • I am planning my wedding for the weekend of Thanksgiving also. I plan on making a weekend of it. So guests would arrive on Friday evening, the wedding and reception will beon saturday, then everyone leaves on sunday.
    My thinking is that people have off that Friday anyway, and are already in the "holiday spirit". The venue that I am seriously considering will be decorated for the holidays aleady, which will add to the festive feel. :)

    The rehearsal dinner will be Friday nite. I feel like a lot of people, after one day with relatives, are eager to move on by the next day.

    I also agree with the above poster, if your family friends want to come, they will come- no excuses.

  • The only thing to consider when planning a holiday weekend, is extra travel costs for out of town guests...
  • I am a black friday bride and I would encourage her to be one as well! Other than the shopping, most people are off! Its a great way to kick off the holiday season! Also, your guest will come! Don't let anyone sway you out of your dream date/location and pricing! My rehersal is on Wednesday and the pastor/church & venue are all on board! Happy planning
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    I dont see it as a problem.. I have a friend who is getting married on black friday.. she is having a a luncheon/dinner fron the people coming into town on Thanksgiving day.. I am not sure about the rehersal dinner and what not but I know the wedding is friday evening and then everyone goes home on saturday. She said she did it on purpose on that day  to cut down on people coming, but her VIP's did not have an issue with it.

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  • I personally wouldn't attend a wedding the day after Thanksgiving. But I don't have the day after Thanksgiving off work, so travel would be pretty hard for me (in addition to travel being hard for everyone in general, everywhere, over Thanksgiving- yikes!).

    She should also be sure her parish will allow a Friday night wedding. Most parishes have set times on Saturday, and Friday evenings are the rehearsals.

    It just depends on your guests I guess. If most people are local (or will be visiting family that is local to the wedding) and not a lot of die hard shoppers, then go for it. 

    Also, some venues may be more expensive simply by virtue of it being a holiday weekend, even if it's not a Saturday. 

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