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Anybody else's family pushing for a sooner date?

So, we're planning a wedding for November 2nd, 2013. This gives us time to a. prepare ourselves financially and b. prepare ourselves mentally/emotionally. FI and I both have to go through counseling to work on individual issues before we will feel comfortable you know, joining our lives together forever. We also have to whip our budget into shape in order to be able to afford things like a wedding and a house and kids, etc, etc.

FI and I are in complete agreement about our current arrangement, but his parents are super disappointed. At first they tried to convince us why we should move it up by telling me that having older members of the family at the wedding was more important than throwing a big expensive party. I could understand this if I was insisting that fulfill my champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Now, they just make little side remarks like "Well, it's too bad there won't be a wedding *this* year." or "Are you *sure* you can't get married this year?" I'm trying to be as diplomatic as I can, so the last time FMIl said something like that, I just told her as casually as I could that if we were getting married this year, we would already have needed to put deposits in. I think maybe she's starting to understand.

How about you? Anybody else dealing with other people's timelines?

Re: Anybody else's family pushing for a sooner date?

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    No, thank goodness.  Our total engagement time will be 2.5 years by the time we get married.  I think people were a little surprised at first, but no one is rushing us.  I think they know us better than that-neither of us would take very kindly to anyone being pushy.
    Sorry to hear that you're going through  that.  I think you're doing the right thing by making sure you're both ready emotionally and financially before the wedding.  And if you're the ones paying for it, it's nobody else's business if you're making it a later date just to fulfill your "champagne wishes and caviar dreams".  That's totally up to you.  You sound like you're on the right track, and people just want to fill their social calendars sooner.
    That phrase made me snicker though, I totally read it in my head as Robin Leach.
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    My family always wanted me to push it back. I just moved from May 2013 to a possible November 2013 wedding.
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    Yeahhh, it's just super frustrating, because we've made our decision, and we feel like it's the right decision, like, responsible and what have you, but they keep bringing it up. There's only so many ways to say "Yeah, we've decided on a date, and that's what it is."

    Oh, well. I guess that's why some people elope. :)
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