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bridesmaid dresses

Hi ladies question for you..have your ladies already ordered their dresses??
if not what is the latest possible date you are letting them know to order the dress?

Daisypath - (PNE7)

Re: bridesmaid dresses

  • We ordered j.crew dresses that were being discontinued in January. I think most stores will tell you no later than 3-4 months before the wedding to order.


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  • One girl has, the other three plan to this week or next... They had until May though.  We went with the two birds dresses so no need for alterations either. 
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  • hockey do you like the dresses.. i wanted to get them but I thought they might not match my dress and the price was kind of high.. but im still on the fence

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • We are starting in early April.  I've already talked to them about budgets and stuff, and have been looking online to get an idea.  They're all going to choose their own, but they want to get started so whoever can make it will go next month to start looking.
  • I went out over the weekend and found the dress with my MOH.  Now I need to get the rest together to try it on.  I'm thinking they will probably be ordered by April or so.  I found the best price on line (through a reputable site) and I'm assuming that's the route all will be going to save $75 or so!  Just want to make sure they all leave enough time for shipping, etc.

    Oh...and I will say that when I asked each of them what their budget was, most were totally surprised by this (as it's never been asked) and it seemed like it was appreciated.  Some told me to do whatever I wanted but the low price range was what I stuck with, of course.  Thanks TK!
  • We are going on the 24th to try on a few dresses. Luckily, all of the BMs will be there for it. I will have to ask the Shop owner when she would think the best time to order the dress would be.(Maybe May or June?) We were originally going for a David's Bridal thing but my MOH(a BM in another wedding) had an AWFUL experience at the DB near us. We purchased my dress at the same shop we are looking for dresses for, so they would get somewhat of a discount, 10-15% off I think.
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  • We all really like them.  There are a lot of bad reviews out there but there are some things to keep in mind... There are two sizes.  A lot of problems I read about in the reviews of them could be avoided by ordering the next size up.  I have bridesmaids from a size 14 to a size 2 and they all looked great in the dresses.  We had in our budget to help them out so they're total cost is $150, which they all agreed was reasonable.  Our color is the sapphire and I really do think most of them will wear the dresses again... on of my BMs goes on cruises and she's excited because the dresses don't wrinkle and she can wear it different ways each night.  

    The long versions you can also roll up to make a high-low or a shorter length.  If it's something you are considering, really go try them on and play with them though.  I just was not happy with any of the dresses I found at the stores so I decided on these... PM me if you want more info or some pics.
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