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Interviewing Photographers this Week!

Hi All!

Since FI and I are in town this week, we've got interviews with 3 of my favorite (from blogs and browsing at least!) photographers. I figure that's a good amount and surely we'll click with at least one of them!

What did you consider when picking your photographer?? I have a hard time articulating what I want. I want "pretty pictures," I love natural light, and I love bright colorful pictures (really not a huge fan of B&W). Aside from that I'm just not sure.  

Any advice? How did you know you found the one? Or have you not picked yet??

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Re: Interviewing Photographers this Week!

  • Thanks for your help :)

    Ultimately we ended up meeting with two photographers... the second is a husband/wife pair that I have been following for a while, and we decided that even though it was a tiny bit over budget, we're going to go with them :) 

    Their site is here. I am in LOVE with the vibrant colors (but that's totally my personality) --

    Yay for getting things done! 

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Congrats on finding your photographer! I had a list of questions for mine but I found it was more about her personality and her portfolio that I really cared about. She had done such beautiful work that I just knew I wanted her as our photographer! Another check off your list so way to go!
  • Congrats on finding your photographer!  Loving the bold colors & shooting style!

    I would imagine that as time goes by, you'll really be happy that you decided to go with them - despite the pricetag being a bit more than what was budgeted.  I was stalking our photographer's site recently (which I do on occassion) and I found that they increased their package pricing quite a bit and decreased a few options that were included.  Sooooo happy that FI and I booked with them when we did.  Yay for forever long engagements and booking a vendor early!  :o)

  • Congrats on finding your photographer.  Love the photo samples. I will be having two photographers because my BFF ust started a profession photography business a few years ago and she offered to do our wedding and then I person that I went to high school with has a business as well and I love his style.  My BFF's style is completely different so I love the idea of having both and their rates fit into our budget so it worked out ok for me.  Not at all what i thought I would be doing for a second wedding, but I want to "record" all the happy memories.

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