November 2013 Weddings

November 2013 GTKY!

Hey November brides! Let's get to know each other a bit better:

Name/FI name
Age/FI age
When did you start dating
When did you get engaged
Wedding date
Wedding Venue/Location
Proposal story
What do you and FI do for a living (optional)


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Re: November 2013 GTKY!

  • Name/FI name: Samantha/Jeremy
    Age/FI age: 26/25
    When did you start dating: November 2, 2007
    When did you get engaged: November 4, 2011
    Wedding date: November 2, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location: Amherst, MA
    Colors: Not totally nailed down, but our bridesmaids are wearing J. Crew's Spiced Wine.
    Proposal story: Got engaged on a vintage sailboat during sunset in St. Thomas.
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): We both are civil rights workers.


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  • Name/FI name - T&K
    Age/FI age - 40 (both)
    When did you start dating - November 2007
    When did you get engaged - Nobember 2010
    Wedding date - November 22, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location - Indianapolis, IN
    Colors - Claret/Silver/Gray
    Proposal story - My Honey proposed in the parking lot of the restaurant that we had dinner at on our first date.  I knew he was going to ask because he had asked my parents permission and he had asked me to look at rings that I might like to have.  I designed my own ring.  My parents didn't realize he hadn't asked me yet and called to see when we were going to get married.
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    Name/FI name: Rachel and Dave

    Age/FI age: 24/26, will be 25/27 on wedding day (funny bit: my birthday is 5 days or so before the wedding, so I'll be barely 25)

    When did you start dating: May 21st, 2011

    When did you get engaged: November 18th, 2011 (quick engagement, knew we wanted to wait a while to get married but still wanted enough time to plan)

    Wedding date: November 3rd, 2013 (Daylight Savings Day, oh yeah! Gettin' that extra hour of sleep or getting ready)

    Wedding Venue/Location: A country club near Richmond, VA

    Colors:  Pink and Blue- Our favorite colors! (various shades, my dress is Watermelon pink from David's Bridal and fiance's vest/tie from Men's Wearhouse is Horizon blue)

    Proposal story: He had the ring for several weeks and was planning on proposing on Christmas morning.  Then one day a friend was over at the house and we were studying for an upcoming test.  Before she left, she helped me pick out my outfit for our med school ball the next day.  While I was in another room changing, my fiance (then boyfriend) showed her the ring.  It was hysterical listening to them have this random conversation, and then later find out she was trying so hard not to squeal.  I then came back into the room too soon for him to hide it again, so he stuffed it in his jacket pocket.  Later on we went downstairs and he finally took his jacket off, hanging it up in the kitchen (having completely forgotten it was in his pocket).  That night we were watching the NASCAR truck series finale race and cuddling on the couch when we started talking about our future and marriage.  He then started talking all romantic-like, and proposed.  I knew he had the ring already, so I asked him if he was proposing for real or just being romantic, since there was no ring in sight.  He then ran to the kitchen and came back with the ring.  I was utterly and completely surprised.  It was perfect, and just plain us.

    What do you and FI do for a living: I'm in medical school (third year) and he works in IT, as tech support for a law firm/investment bank.
  • Name/FI name: Mairead/Jared
    Age/FI age:
    24/24, will be 25/24 when we get married.  FI bday is later in Nov.  I'm older by about 2 months
    When did you start dating: 12/2011
    When did you get engaged: 10/3/12
    Wedding date: 11/2/13
    Wedding Venue/Location: Four Rivers Environmental Education Center, Channahon, IL
    MOH- Dark Blue, BM- Dark Purple, Decor- Fall colors i.e. reds, oranges, and brown
    Proposal story: My fiance was given his grandmother's diamond from his dad.  He had the ring custom made.  He proposed on her birthday.  One of the side stones is her diamond, supposedly it is more yellow than the other stones but it's so clear you can't tell the difference between the stones :)
    My fiance and I went to high school and graduated together but we never knew each other or had classes together. 
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): RN, pediatric home health nurse/ District Executive for the Boy Scouts

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  • Mary/David
    Feb 1 2010
    April 11 2012
    Nov 1 2013
    Russo's on the Bay/ Queens NY
    We got engaged on a trip to LA over looking the Hollywood Sign and I was super susprised because it was just susposed to be a trip to visit my cousin for her Birthday and Easter

    Teacher/ Doorman and contractor

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    Hey November brides! Let's get to know each other a bit better:
     Name/FI name: Marissa/Josh
     Age/FI age: 24/25(FI will be 26 in March)
     When did you start dating: December 2007
     When did you get engaged : October 31,2012
    Wedding date Wedding: November 3,2013
     Venue/Location: Glendale
     Colors: I haven't decided on colors yet
     Proposal story: I came home from work on Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday and his family is really into it as well. We were getting ready to go over there and he said he had something for me but that I had to go outside and trick or treat for it. So I went outside and knocked on the door and said trick or treat when he opened it. I went inside and and he said he didn't have any candy for me, but he did have something else and pulled out the ring and propsed to me. The ring was handed down in his family. 
     What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I work in a chocolate shop and FI works for a company that works with kids with behavioral problems and their families. 

    "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." -Ray Bradbury 
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    Name/FI name : Shelecia /Brandon 
    Age/FI age. 24/28 i will be 25 by the time we get married
     When did you start dating :march 2007 
    When did you get engaged December 23, 2012 
    Wedding date November 16,2013 
    Wedding Venue/Location reception hall in Miami, fl 
    Colors :navy green pink cream orange 
    Proposal story: he proposed on the beach

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:cd1f7f85-cf50-4bfe-9bfc-0a3b46d68364Discussion:ebc91fb0-1135-4ee3-94a3-df3a0562502bPost:dfed617f-bed6-4445-8725-9fe4a1342ae0">November 2013 GTKY!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hey November brides! Let's get to know each other a bit better: Name/FI name Age/FI age When did you start dating When did you get engaged Wedding date Wedding Venue/Location Colors Proposal story What do you and FI do for a living (optional)
    Posted by button6004[/QUOTE]

    Hey November Brides!!!!
    Jill-29 & Gabe-34
    Started dating: September 2002
    Engaged: September 2012
    Wedding date/location: November 9, 2013 @ The Wynn Las Vegas
    Colors: Aubergine
    We both work at a large national retailer :)
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  • Name/FI name: Kristin/Todd

    Age/FI age: 28/32 (he'llbe 33 for the wedding)
    When did you start dating: November 2010
    When did you get engaged:
    February 17, 2013
    Wedding date: November 17, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location:
    Grand Tradition Estate, Beverly Mansion in Fallbrook, CA
    Chocolate and Cherry (red and brown)

    Proposal story: Backstory - we met through an online dating site, so when we met, we met at Cold Stone near the beach, and then sat on a bench on the boardwalk for several hours in the freezing cold talking. From then on, it's been "our bench." So, we had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant for a belated Valentine's Day, and then walked the beach with our Starbucks to "our bench," and after looking around a lot to make sure there were no random people around, he got down on his knee and asked :) It was sweet and intimate and meaningful, just what I wanted!

    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I'm a teacher (although unemployed and subbing), and FI is a software engineer for a large gov't contractor

  • Name/FI name: Kingsley/Dan
    Age/FI age: 26/30
    When did you start dating:21/25
    When did you get engaged:24/28
    Wedding date:11/9/13
    Wedding Venue/Location: University of Massachusetts Lowell Inn & Conference Center
    Colors: Navy/Gray with Purple and Lime Green accents
    Proposal story: FI actually proposed to me at my (older) son's baby shower in March of 2011. It was a complete surprise and he did it in front of both sides of the family. There wasn't a dry eye in the place :)
    What do you and FI do for a living: I am an Online Sales Associate for a Cable company and FI is a Stay At Home Dad for both our boys(DS1 almost 2 and DS2 4.5 months)
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    Name/FI name: Meghan/ Sean
    Age/FI age: I'm 23 and he is 25 but once we are married I will be 24 and he will be 26
    When did you start dating: We started dating April 2012
    When did you get engaged: We got engaged this past February on the 15th
    Wedding date: November 23rd 2013!!!
    Wedding Venue/Location: Roswell Founders Hall in Georgia
    Colors: Navy and Ivory with hints of coral
    Proposal story: It's a little long to fully explain on here but he basically suprised me with a romantic evening at the Ritz with a beautiful dinner and suite for the night. I'm not very fancy so this was magical to me.
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional):
    I'm a technical recruiter for a recruiting firm in the power generation industry and my FI is  special ed 7th grade math teacher who is actually going back to school this summer for his MBA.
  • Name/FI name: Elizabeth & Joe
    Age/FI age: currently 23 & 24 (although both bdays coming up in April!)
    When did you start dating: October 2009
    When did you get engaged:July 2011
    Wedding date: 11/2/13 Smile
    Wedding Venue/Location: Ceremony is in New Freedom PA, reception in York, PA
    Colors: Ivory and hunter green with charcoal gray accents
    Proposal story: Came back to our (then) apartment with a very very old friend, since we were 6! All the lights were out, my heart starting racing because I knew the second I opened the door what was going to happen. I rounded the corner and there he was on one knee. 

  • Name/FI name- Jessica / Vincent
    Age/FI age- 25/26 but will be 26/27 when married
    When did you start dating - March 25th, 2011
    When did you get engaged - October 12th, 2011
    Wedding date - 11.12.13!!!!
    Wedding Venue/Location- Falcon's Fire Golf Club
    Colors- Dark blue, Ivory, and a hint of Silver
    Proposal story- we met up with my family at the Grand Floridian for he and I entered the lobby, the orchestra began playing "Beauty and the Beast", which is our Disney song. I thought it was all about awesome timing, little did I know his plan! haha... anyway, we went u p to the second floor right next to the orchestra and he asked me to dance... we were slow dancing and I seriously felt like it was just the two of us in the whole resort. Towards the end of the song, he spun me around and my little tiara started falling off! so my back was towards him as I was fixing my tiara, and when I turn around he was on one knee with the ring! he said "Being with you has been the perfect fairytale, and I want us both to have our happily ever after...will you marry me??" I was like "OH MY GOD YES! YES!" there was applause, tears, and smiles all around!
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I don't mind sharing, cause this is how we met as well... WE BOTH WORK AT DISNEY WORLD! =)

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  • Name/FI name: Silvia & Jon
    Age/FI age:29/33
    When did you start dating2008
    When did you get engaged:2012
    Wedding date:2013
    Wedding Venue/Location:Old Mill/ Maine
    Colors:Navy Blue, Hot Pink,Silver
    Proposal story: we were in vegas celebrating our Birthdays and anniversary which we celebrate every Sept and we picked up my bday gift and went back to hotel room and he got down on one knee and asked
    What do you and FI do for a living: full time student until after wedding
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  • Name/FI name Nicole & Dave
    Age/FI age 26 & 29
    When did you start dating January 2010 
    When did you get engaged May 27 2012
    Wedding date Nov 2 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location Sharon, MA (Saphire Estate)
    Colors Grey & Fall reds/oranges
    Proposal story Engaged on a Bermuda beach during our first cruise together
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional)
    I'm a preschool teacher, and he's an administrator.
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    Name/FI name Rachel/Nick
    Age/FI age 24/22 (will be 25/23 when our date comes)
    When did you start dating May 31, 2006
    When did you get engaged Jan 29, 2013
    Wedding date Nov 16, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location Historic Church (built in 1884) and Historic Community Hall, in Surrey, BC, Canada
    Colors Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Silver
    Proposal Story One night after a workout class I came home and my fi had brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, he then wanted to go for a walk, and he lead me to the spot where I first asked him to on a date with me, quoted a line from our favourite movie, then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him
    What do you and FI do for a living I am an early childcare educator and he is a cook


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  • Name/FI name: Tameika/Travis
    Age/FI age 29/25
    When did you start dating- 2/14/2010
    When did you get engaged 12/19/2010- yeah we fell in love that fast lol 
    Wedding date- 11/23
    Wedding Venue/Location- My home church in South Hill, VA
    Colors- Peacock theme (teal, deep purple. chocolate brown and gold)
    Proposal story- I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth getting ready for bed one night and our dog Micah came into the bedroom, I normally shoo him away but I saw somthing sparkling on his collar, I looked closer and it was a ring!!! I started screaming and the poor thing ran out the bathroom, I ran out the bathroom and Travis goes "Whatis wrong with you". I said Micah has a ring!! He says "Tameika, you're very tired go to bed" I go back in the bathroom and Micah comes again this time I run him down then Travis grabs him, takes the ring off his collar, gets on one knee and says "Will you marry me"
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I'm a full time Doctoral Candidate in Rehabilitation Counseling and my FI is a Navy vet and an aeronatuical engineer 
  • Name/FI name: Diana/Keith

    Age/FI age: 31/30 (32/31 when we get married)

    When did you start dating: June, 2005

    When did you get engaged: Feb 14 2013

    Wedding date: 11/24/13

    Wedding Venue/Location: Grey Rock Mansion/Baltimore, MD

    Colors: Teal, Charcoal, Purple

    What do you and FI do for a living: Me - fundraiser for nonprofit arts org, Him - Tech Support for int'l information security company.
  • Name/FI name:  Tami and Nick

    Age/FI age:  30 and 26 (we'll be 31 and 27)

    When did you start dating:  7/2/11

    When did you get engaged:  8/2/12

    Wedding date:  11/2/13

    Wedding Venue/Location:  Silverwood Great Room in New Brighton, MN

    Colors:  Plum and dark gray, with pops of silver

    Proposal story:  FI took me back to the place of our first date---a bluff overlooking the MN River Valley.  As we were standing at the top, he got down and proposed....with a fake ring (tinfoil ladies)!  I thought he was joking!  He asked my answer and I said yes.  Really, the ring doesn't matter---spending our lives together does.  Then he pulled out the real ring and I got all flustered all over again!  (Especially when I found out that he asked my parents first.  I loved the old fashioned twist.)

    What do you and FI do for a living (optional):  We both work in the Wealth Management Division of an international bank.
  • Name/FI name Sarah And Ken
    Age/FI age 31/29
    When did you start dating July 2011
    When did you get engaged December 2, 2012
    Wedding date November 2, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location Presbyterian Church and La Scala Italian Bistro Columbus Ohio
    Colors Navy and Tangerine
    Proposal story Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. We had just moved to Albuquerque and I was bummed to be so far away from everyone for the holidays. In Ohio ( where I am from ) they have this big Christmas light display at the zoo. I was so excited to find out they had one at the Botanical Gardens here. He waited till we were about to go home and got down on one knee surrounded by the lights in front of the choir. It was perfect I was completely shocked and I cried a lot. 
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional) He is a plasma physicist and I work in property management
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  • Name/FI name: Megan/Jared
    Age/FI age: 27/31
    When did you start dating: Dec. 23, 2012
    When did you get engaged: April 26, 2013
    Wedding date: Nov. 23, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location: Lake Hill Winery in Carthage, Ill.
    Colors: a spectrum of pinks, with metallic accents
    Proposal story: We both work for newspapers. Before we went on vacation to Tennessee, he wrote a column for the opinion page of his paper asking me to marry him. Then he had me read it online the morning that it was published, with several members of my family present. After I read the last sentence ("Turn around, I'll be the guy down on one knee.") I turned and he was kneeling in front of me, holding up the ring. :)
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): See above. He is a copy editor at one newspaper and I'm a reporter for another.
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    Name/FI name: A & J Age/FI age: 25 & 26 When did you start dating: July 2007 When did you get engaged February 2013 Wedding date: November 23, 2013 Wedding Venue/Location: my childhood church Colors: deep purple and silver Proposal story: He popped the question over dessert at one of my favorite places. What do you and FI do for a living (optional): We both work in healthcare.
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    Name/FI name: Angie & Qwan
    Age/FI age: 28 & 30
    When did you start dating: November 16, 2007
    When did you get engaged: March 2010
    Wedding date: November 15, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location: Crystal Gardens in Southgate, MI
    Colors: Plum & Silver with accents of Marigold
    Proposal story: My pastor let him come up during the announcements and he proposed in front of the whole church! <3
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I'm a microbiologist & he's a technical support technician

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    dramamonkey, just had to say, one of my best friend's Bat Mitzvah was at Grey Rock years ago, and we considered it our for 11/23 wedding ; ) got my dress across the street at Betsy Robinson 
  • Hey November brides! Let's get to know each other a bit better:

    Name/FI name Brandy and Brian
    Age/FI age Im 26 and hes 36
    When did you start dating July 12,2007
    When did you get engaged November 5,2012
    Wedding date November 9,2013
    Wedding Venue/Location Walnut Grove Plantation in Roebuck,SC
    Colors  Truffle Brown,Champagne, and Wine
    Proposal story- We have been together for quiet some time and just started talking one night about when we would be married and set a date a few days later
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional) I am a registered medical assistant and he is a truck driver 
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    Name/FI name:   Cyndi & Ben

    Age/FI age: 43/43

    When did you start dating:  1997 the first time.   April 2012 this time.

    When did you get engaged: July 4, 2013

    Wedding date: November 2, 2013

    Wedding Venue/Location:  The Fort, Morrison, Colorado

    Colors:  Turquoise/jade,  sage green, browns, creams

    Proposal story:   We've been talking about it for almost a year  but, a few days before we made it official, we were on  vacation  and found a rustic barn by a river that we both  loved while hiking.   We agreed it would be the perfect place for a wedding and that we both wanted a fall wedding.  I just assumed he meant fall of 2014 since there was only 10-11 weeks left on the season at that place. 

    Two days later, we were back home and looking at pictures of our trip and came to  a picture  he had asked me to take  of him and his mom right after DS and I had come back from a walk by ourselves, the morning of  the same day we had found  the barn.  He told me that he had just told his mom that  he was going to ask me to marry him.  (I could tell I had walked in on something  when DS and I came in that morning.)  Then we came to the picture of the barn and he  said he wanted to call to find out when it was available.   I clarified with him that he meant fall of 2014, since we would only have a couple of months to plan.  He looked at me like I had three heads and said he didn't want to wait another year.  I was completely thrown off that  he was ready to do it that fast.  It took me a few  seconds to wrap my brain around what was happening but, when I did,  I told him, ok, let's do it.   

    Turned out that location was already booked for the rest of 2013.  We picked November 2 because it was as far out as we thought we could safely go and still (probably) have an outdoor, fall ceremony and still give me enough time to plan.

    What do you and FI do for a living: I'm an attorney. He's  a science text book editor.
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    Name/FI name : Monica and Mark
    Age/FI age I'm 43 and he's 46
    When did you start dating December, 2011
    When did you get engaged : April 30, 2013
    Wedding date November 23, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location Chicago, IL
    Colors  Persimmon (orange-red), Brown and gold...
    Proposal story- He put the box with the ring under my favorite pillow on the couch and moved it because he knew I'd move it to where I would want it.  I moved it, saw the box. I turned around and he was behind me on one knee saying beautiful words...I SAID YES! :-)
    Occupation:  I'm an executive assistant and he's retired Army going to school to become a mental health counselor for vets.
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  • Name/FI name: Alex/Rob
    Age/FI age: 26/27
    When did you start dating: April 21, 2006
    When did you get engaged: June 16, 2012
    Wedding date: November 2, 2013
    Wedding Location: St. Louis, MO
    Colors: Plum, lavender, and ivory
    Proposal story: We had just adopted out dog, Max, and went to lunch at a retaurant on a lake in the middle of Forest Park in St. Louis. When we were taking a walk with our dog afterwards, we got to one of our favorite spots in the park and he proposed!
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): I am a physical therapist, and he is an admission counselor for Saint Louis University
  • This is just a test.


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  • Name/FI name: Megan/Trinidad
    Age/FI age: 26/24
    When did you start dating: We starting dating in October 2008 when we were in college
    When did you get engaged: July 27, 2012
    Wedding date: November 9, 2013
    Wedding Venue/Location: St. Francis Church/Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma, Ca
    Colors: Purple/Gold
    What do you and FI do for a living (optional): Both work for an electrical contractor. I do Administrative work and he is an Assistant Project Manager. 
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