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Wedding Registry Alternatives

My fiance and I are from different countries and we're still up in the air about where we will be moving. The majority of our guests will be from my town (in Canada) but it's looking like we'll likely not be living in Canada after the wedding.

I'm looking for alternatives to the standard wedding registries at department stores as I don't want to have to go through the trouble of shipping big packages out of Canada.

Any ideas?

Re: Wedding Registry Alternatives

  • Honestly, I wouldn't register.-or just have a very small registry with smaller items and just pass the word that you aren't sure where you'll be living after the wedding. People will get the hint and give cash. If you don't register, don't have a shower though.
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  • I agree with zizi. There might be some people who will suggest things like a honeymoon registry or something, but the only like, etiquette approved way to deal with it is to have a very small or no registry at all and when people ask where you're registered or what you want, just tell them that you have everything that you need, but you're saving up for a new house or whatever. They'll get the message.
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