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Engagement Photo Op Scheduled!!!!

I'm beyond excited...BEYOND EXCITED!!! :D:D:D

I just got off the phone with Chapman Photography...and we are planning to have our Engagement Pictures taken (hopefully) October 9th at Disney's Boardwalk resort and Grand Floridian Resort!! I'm so excited!!! I just wanted to share the news!!!

Now...all I have to think of is cute prop ideas, an outfit (maybe wearing two different ones), and I have to work out, so I can feel confident ;)

AHHH! I'm so excited!!!!! (and fun fact-- Oct FI and I will be engaged for a full year! YAY!)

any tips on props or outfits would be great!

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Re: Engagement Photo Op Scheduled!!!!

  • Oh man!! You've been engaged way long then :) 

    We actually just got some "engagement/graduation" pictures we took back. We had a ton of props but actually my favorites were just the cheap, bright colored daisies that we picked up right before the shot and they were SO cute!

    I didn't put too much thought into our props until the very end.. honestly I think the big thing is of course to make sure you have an open communication with your photographer. I really just wanted some shots of us at the place we met and got engaged (we're moving soon), so I had an independent photographer do a random shoot for us. I WISH I had had the guts to stop her and ask her to not do so many kissing pictures-- half of our pictures are of us kissing and I really wanted just cute pictures that I could show my grandparents without blushing you know??

    Anyway. That's my $0.02. Do you guys have anything of significance to you? He gave me a little picture that's been in his family for years, when he proposed, so we took that with us and incorporated it into the shots. Those were my second faves just because of the meaning behind them!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • i gave him a picture of me when we first dated...and we met working at Soarin together...and I still have my Lapel wings from that attraction...I was thinking of adding that in there, since we can't get engagement photos taken backstage of Disney haha...

    Aww daisies!! my favorite flower! it's funny, on my birthday he gave me daisies...should I addthat in there somehow? Hmm!! You have given me a lot to think about!!! :D

    And kissy or not, I bet your pictures came out amazing!! <3
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  • SO! I have an update on all this...

    Our theme is movies...specifically, "See You in the Movies!" (or however that quote goes LOL)  Our first date was at a movie theater. We both LOVE movies... during our engagement session, we have a MOVIE CLAPBOARD! it's so amazing. I'm going to be decorating it tonight with our wedding date and names on it...Oh My gosh, it's just so exciting that this will all be happening soon!

    I also got some daisies... with a bedazzled center. :) kinda want to make them in a shape of a heart or something. :)
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