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What Have You Done so Far? - Photographer Question

So what have you booked for your wedding already.

We have a venue, this also provides us with caterer and dj under exclusive contracts!  Thankfully we got in, got the last date in June available and almost all Summer of next year is full.  We have church booked for a noon wedding, there is already a 2 pm wedding booked on our day. 

I was going to take a break before doing anything else.  I'll be traveling over the next month here and there for work.  Following family advice I just looked into photographers and the top 3 photographers we've contacted are already booked!  Onto searching for yet another photographer.  Maybe it's just that I am in a metro area but I'm amazed how far out everything is filling up. 

Are you seeing vendors fill up fast too, or is it just my area?

Re: What Have You Done so Far? - Photographer Question

  • We have a ceremony site and a caterer (we're meeting with them Monday - yay!). We are so low budget that nothing is filling up. FI doesn't seem to get that a lot of vendors book super early and then he's all "I told you so" when the photographer says he doesn't book out anywhere near as early as we met with him or the reception site won't even take our booking until November.
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  • Most people actually think (or at least tell me) that I'm really smart for planning so early, since it means I have all summer break to plan and I can take things slow my senior year in college. However, it's the people who aren't in college anymore and don't interact with me often enough to get my stress levels (coughFI'sparentscough) that think we're weird.
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  • We have our date, venue, (which includes reception and ceremony site), and have asked out entire bridal party. We pretty much have our colors selected, and we are meeting with our priest today to give us the permission letter we need to get married at the site we have chosen (since it is a chapel). We have been working on photographers and our DJ.  :)
  • We've been engaged for just over a year now, so at first, I felt like we were planning really early, but now that it's just over a year away, I'm totally fine with it. I mostly just looked at stuff online for ideas and price comparisons, and then we began to look at venues in October. We started booking stuff recently. We have our ceremony and reception sites, a photographer, and my wedding dress ordered. I picked out bridesmaid's dresses already, but we haven't ordered them yet. Now we're looking at DJs and thinking about the men's attire. I'm glad we booked our reception site, as there is now only one Saturday in June that is left! :)
  • So far, FI and I haven't booked anything. But we've been looking and thinking like crazy. I don't think it's too early... When I called a few days ago just to get a price quote for a photographer for the date of our wedding, she said she'd had that date booked for months!
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  • I have a date, my dress, garter, colors picked, sent out StD's already, bought invitations (all our stationery is DIY prints) and thank you cards, toasting glasses, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket. We need to start on the big things like venue, photo/video, rings, and caterer.
  • I have no idea what order to do things in. I thought the big stuff came first, but now I am obsessing about small things like stationery.

    We visited our (destination wedding) city last weekend and we have a top choice venue. We're just waiting to hear back on pricing details, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was well within our budget. Seems almost too good to be true. The ceremony will hopefully be in the same location (on the lawn in front of the reception venue) because having it elsewhere is proving to be a bit complicated. We originally wanted to do it in a State Park, but it turns out you're not allowed to bring chairs, which sounds a bit inconvenient.

    I have asked all 5 bridesmaids and they have all said yes! FI still hasn't asked all of his men, though. We have told most of the close family who are going to be invited about the date (this is a small, 40 people total wedding). We have a DJ because it's a friend. We have the photographer because FI's brother (also best man) has a photography business and is bringing someone whose travel we're paying for instead of a fee. So we have not booked anything as such, or spent any money (unless you include the trip out to the destination to look for venue!), but we have a few plans.
  • We are waiting a call back from our potential travel agent to get more details on the resort. We are having a destination wedding in St. Thomas. Once we know all of that, we can move forward more. It will be a laid back ceremony on the beach, and dinner at one of the restaurants at the resort. We will do a reception back in the states next October (we live in a really warm, read hot, climate). 

    We know what rings we want, and I have the flower girls completely done. I need to get started on my dress, and that's my goal for this month. I'm letting him handle the guy stuff, which is nice for me and he wants to as well. The girls were given the color for their dresses, peacock blue, but I am firmly believe in letting them pick their own dress as long as it's in that color. They have to wear it, they should get to pick it. 

    Other than that, we are just getting started. 

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  • edited June 2013
    We have most of the big things done: Ceremony/reception venue (which includes catering and cake), Bridesmaids and groomsmen, ceremony quartet, DJ, and photographer. We booked our venue in late January 2013 and at the time there was only one date left in June 2014 (luckily the one we wanted). Our next steps will be the florist and the officiant. And the dress!! I think all that may have been the easy part. Every time I start thinking about guest list and little details I feel a little anxious.
  • We have our date set, June 21! The ceremony/reception site and photographer are booked with the deposit paid. The DJ has been booked, but I still need to pay the deposit for that one. The colors have been picked, as well as a theme.  

    My side of the Bridal Party has been asked. Appointments are made to try on dresses for me, as well as my bridesmaids. The girls have a color and a length, so they can choose the dress that they like the best. But I really wanted to chance to see them all try on and just be together for the afternoon. I also told them they could pick the hairstyle they want. I want them to wear silver flats/sandals (I'd even be fine with flip flops). I went ahead and told them that so they could be looking and hopefully find something on sale at the end of summer.

    I've decided to make the flower girl basket and ring box myself...we're doing a rustic theme and none of the baskets/pillows went with our theme. I looked on etsy but didn't want to pay a fortune for them, so I'm attempting to do them on my own.

    I plan on using some straw bales as part of the seating, so my mom has started making bale covers out of FI's old jeans. Can't wait to see them!

    We have picked out our invitations and RSVPs...which could always change, but I want to spend as little money as possible on them, so I really don't see that happening. I've started working on the programs...we're planning do DIY them.

    I've started looking for songs to use for the ceremony, as well as the important moments in the receptions. I have only selected a few for sure...

    My mom and I have started on the favors. We're making homemade jelly in various flavors. I also think we're going to order some plastic cups for the beer. They'll have some cute lovey dovey saying on them...just waiting until closer to the date to order them.

    I've also started getting bridal party gifts. I figure if I spread it out over the next year, maybe I won't be so stressed about money.

    So I have more done then I thought, haha. I am a teacher and really want to have as much planned as possible before school starts in August.
  • We're getting married June 21st and have our ceremony site, reception site, photographer, and DJ booked.  We have our colors chosen (navy and coral) and our bridal party picked.  I just bought my dress last week (yay!).  Our venue for our reception is awesome because it is all inclusive with our cake and centerpieces.  All we have to do is choose the colors and the set-up that we want.  This summer, I am going to be working on the little details and hopefully finishing up in August!  I have a florist appointment coming up in July to hopefully get a contract started. Like sarakr11, I am a teacher so I am hoping to get lots done this summer before the school year begins!
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