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Booked our venue in November, but just booked our (Long Island) Photographer and Videographer for $6,500 and DJ for $2100. Relieved, but overwhelmed because its expensive. DJ was inexpensive, but the Photographers were all expensive so we just went with who we really loved. What has everyone else booked so far? 

Next up for us is the officiant and flowers this June

Re: Booked!

  • Hi Ladies! We just booked our photographer this weekend - so exciting! We booked our reception venue in February - they also provide food, drinks, and cake!! Although we haven't finalised the details, we just received approval for our church ceremony site too. These were my big 3 for a June wedding (before they all got booked) - I'm over the moon. My FI is happy that "everything happend so easily" ... obviously not part of the hours googling and phone screening! I have a DJ in mind, but I'm going to hold off a while and start a more agressive search in a few months. Next on my list ... dress! Starting in June :) 
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    We have our ceremony/reception venue booked and I have my dress. Got a lot more to book, but first on the list will be the photographer, which happens to be a good friend so that won't be a biggie. We can't decide if we want to have someone cater or just bring a huge grill and bbq.

    What does everyone think about the videographer? Pros & Cons?
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