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Headpiece and a necklace clasp question...

So, what did/are you doing for your headpiece? Veil/no veil, tiara, headband, comb, etc.? 

I'm looking for a rose gold headband with pearls, but have been quite unsuccessful in finding anything except one I saw in a bridal salon for $110!! Which was B-E-A-UTIFUL, but $110?! EEK!

I'd love to see pictures of yours!

Also, has anyone seen a slide-lock clasp with ten rings? My Godmother gave me a very old (1940s) rosy pearl necklace that has ten strands, but the metals of the rings and the bases for the clasps were different so it has coroded to the point where it is literally falling apart. I took it to a bead store and the lovely woman said she would do her best to find one, but she just doesn't seem them with that many rings. I've looked on Amazon and found one that goes up to 8 strands. She said if she couldn't find one she would just put two strands on each ring with a 5-ring clasp.

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Re: Headpiece and a necklace clasp question...

  • Gold is pretty expensive. I don't know the weight of that piece, but that price does not surprise me at all. I have the tiniest gold band that FI made for a class and he says it could have been $50 retail. I was like Surprised

    For my headpiece, I'm going to have a veil. Haven't decided if I'll have a blusher or not yet. We'll have to see how it all looks with the dress.
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  • I'm going to either do a plain white Casablanca lily or have it incorporated with jewels and such. I've seen some pretty headpieces online for cheap too.. Check out etsy.com or your dress shop you are using
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