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Hi there!

I'm Crystal. I was originally a June 2013 bride. My FI and I decided to wait another year so we would be more stable financially when we get married. Our theme is Rustic so naturally we want an outdoor wedding. We are both very outdoorsy people; We both love fishing and hunting. I haven't fully decided on colors...well I have but they change so often I'm going to probably keep them to myself to avoid all the "You changed colors again?" lol.

I can't wait to hear from you ladies! :)
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Re: Hi there!

  • I was originally a June 2013 bride too!  We changed because i didn't want to be planning a wedding during my last year of college and student teaching.  I am doing the same thing with my colors as you.  I also want a rustic wedding!  Have you started checking into reception sites?
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  • Well the place we had booked for 2013 was an old historic house with a large shaded outdoor area. The house had a big dining room. We were going to use the same venue for the ceremony and reception. So unless I find something better, we will probably stick with the same venue.
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  • I am looking into the stockyards.  They charge you for food only and it comes with some minor decorations and such.  There were a couple of places I found that are like that which would significantly cut back on the cost of receptions.
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