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December Check In

It's December and you know what that means, right?! We are all a year and a half out now! (Give or take :))

On that note, what wedding tasks/projects do you plan to check off this holiday season?

Who is excited for the holidays? What is your favorite part of the season?

What are you getting your FI? What do you wish Santa would bring you?

Re: December Check In

  • I'm SO excited for the holidays, since it will mean 2 1/2 weeks of no homework. And I get to see family.

    I'm lame this year and getting FI a hat and pair of socks I made for him over the summer that he's seen, tried on, and actually paid for the yarn. It's the thought that counts, right? He's (I hope) not getting my anything, because some time between now and Christmas he is giving me my engagement ring, which needed some modifications. I don't want him to spend any more money on me after that, especially since his gift is so much better than mine.

    Over the holidays we will be confirming our date with VIPs we haven't talked to yet. It'll be pretty relaxed, until we have to nail down a ceremony site in January.
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  • We will hopefully have our venue booked this month. Other than that, I don't plan on doing much wedding planning until next year. I want to relax and enjoy the holidays :)

    This is our daughter's first Christmas, so I am so excited! FI and I will be spoiling her, no doubt. As well as other family members. I can't wait to take pictures and get her all dressed up in cute outfits (only for her to spit up/poop on said outfits lol)

    I plan on getting FI Black Ops 2, and I'm pretty sure he knows this. He borrowed the game and tried it and has been saying how much he wants to get it. I had to hint that I was going to get it for him because if I didn't, he'd go out and buy it himself! As for me, my wishlist consists of an iPad. But I haven't hinted at it at all because I don't want FI to spend that much money on me, especially since we just moved into a new house and money is tight.
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  • Only 18 months to go!!!
    I love the holidays, but it always gets kind of hectic. Last year we drove 3 hours for christmas eve with my dad's family, then an hour to my mom's. Had Christmas morning with my mom's family, then drove an hour to FI's dad's family. Finally another hour home. Between gas and bridge tolls and presents, it was an expensive year. This year we're having to scale back quite a bit. I was unemployed for 2 months and we're trying to save for the wedding....
    FI cant decide what he wants and it's super annoying! First it was a hammock, then it was a rifle, then a paintball gun, now it's a giftcard so he can buy a new computer! There's no way I'm just getting him a gift card! We share a bank account. I might as well just no buy him anything and say you can spend XX dollars on whatever you finally decide on!
    As for getting things done... I hope we can compile a list of addresses to go with our preliminary guest list. Pick out some invitations. And maybe a few other small things.
    We'll see!

    Good luck everyone! Hope your holidays are happy!
  • Happy holidays everyone, getting closer!! We're going on a trip this year (H's treat!) and we simply can't wait. I wish you all a peaceful holiday season! 

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