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Hello everyone,

Im new to the boards. Just got engaged on August 25,2012 while vacationing in Hawaii. We set a wedding date of May 25,2013, so Memorial Day weekend. So far we have ceremony and recpetion site booked, photographer booked, cake topper ordered, favors ordered, bought my dress and tonight picked and ordered bridesmaids dresses. I feel like I'm really behind but it's so hard to plan with 2 completely different schedules. I work midnights and my fiancé works days an is in class at night so we rarely have time together. Anyone else encounter this?

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  • Welcome! You don't seem to be behind... Everyone works at their own pace! My FI and I don't really have conflicting schedules, just lack of time. We are always busy, but that's why we chose more of an all inclusive venue where we don't have many DIY projects. It takes a lot of stress off us. You'll like it here... Happy planing!
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  • Welcome! There are several of us May 25 brides (myself included). I think you've gotten alot done in 2 months!
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  • You don't seem behind at all, that's a lot to have done in 2 months. And I encounter that, I work days and FI works nights so we only see each other 2 days a week.
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  • Welcome! Wow, you've gotten a lot done, so far! Great work.

    FI and I dont have conflicting schedules. Only like others, we're just really busy. Welcome to the board!
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  • Welcome and congrats!
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  • Yayy another May 25th bride (im one myself) Welcome and congrats !
  • Welcome and congrats! And that is a lot done in two months! I've been engaged for almost 6 months and don't even have some of that stuff done :) Can we see your dress?
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  • Congrats! We are date twins :-)
    For being engaged for 2 months I'd say you've accomplished a lot!
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  • We are very lucky because our reception site also includes a lot of stuff.  All the food, open bar, centerpieces, flowers, decorations are already taken care of.  I just feel like I'm forgetting a lot of the smaller stuff. 

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Working midnights has been pretty difficult when trying to plan, plus I'm back at school attempting to get a masters degree. We pretty much try and work on something whenever we have a free minute together. 

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