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Red Flag??

Hi everyone, 

My FI and I went to check out my dream venue this weekend. It is the place I have been dreaming of for years, so I haven't really thought about any other venues. We had set up an appointment with the venue via email, with both parties confirming. We drove 30 minutes to the venue site, to find out that the sales rep forgot to write us down, therefore double booked and we never got an appointment. We were very disappointed to say the least. My FI was ready to walk out and never return, but I still have my heart set on it; just scared that this is a red flag to even more problems in the future. 

I emailed the sales rep. explaining how disappointed we were and asked to re schedule an appointment. What would you guys do in this situation? Choose another location completely? Or stick with it ? 

Any opinions welcome, 
Thank you!! 

Kristin and Richard

Re: Red Flag??

  • Hey Kristin~

    That's a really tough situation.  My fiance and I had the same thing happen to us.  We weren't dead set on the location, but the coordinator was so unprofessional we couldn't stand being around her.  I feel like that's a huge red flag, and as the venue is one of the most important things, it might be smart to look around.  Another thing is that we fell in love with a venue, but we still looked around due to price, and found one that we loved even more that was in our budget.  Just because you have your heart set doesn't mean you shouldn't look at all the options.  Hope this helps!
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