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Dinner 4 Two

Has anyone heard of this before:
I realize it is a selling demonstartion, but is it something worth going to for the freebies? Or is it a big scam? The lady that called had my info from some registry or sign up I did, so it wasnt a random call, and it was a local number that called me. We were invited to come to a demonstration this Thursday- should we go?
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Re: Dinner 4 Two

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    I got invited to something similar.  I googled it and decided not to go, so I can't really tell you if it's worth it or not.  The call was from a local number, so I thought it was really cool and fun until I googled it and saw that nothing was quite as good as they made it seem on the phone.  Considering the closest demonstration was 30 minutes away from where we lived, it wasn't worth the drive.
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    I got a call about it too after a bridal show I attended and they got my information. I declined to go cause I looked it up on the internet and many people said don't go waste of time and depending seems like a scam. The closest one to us was 45mins away which is not worth it. Plus they were really pushy, I dont like people like that.
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    It's not worth it. FI and I went. We got a JVL Jewely certificate, which is fine if you like tingsten rings. The other "honeymoon" thing isn't worth it because do you have to pay for a good portion of it. The one we got was only for a hotel and there are SO many restrications. I doubt we will use it.

    As far as the cooking stuff, it's extremly overpriced. They will try to sell you on the free cruise, but once again, there is a lot that must come out of your pocket to go on the cruise.
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    I actually went with my fiance and it was awesome. You learn a lot and free gifts. I don't listen to people that have never went. Clearly you don't know unless you attend. As far as looking online there is something about every company.
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    I've had bouts with them calling for months!  It's like a timeshare, high pressure sales, but not a scam.  I've heard a lot about them sending you to seedy hotels and being crammed into a tiny room.

    Just FYI, it definitely comes from David's Bridal online scheduling.  I got into the mess the first time I made an appointment.  Finally got off the list because I answered one of their calls.  Made another appointment months later, and the next day was getting calls again.  Darn you, DB.

    And not that it matters, but it made me mad how rude they are when you ask to be taken off the call list.  She said, "well fine, I guess we will give our FREE gift to someone important!" and hung up.
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    I went and didn't buy any of their actual cookware, though we did take advantage of the "free" champagne glasses (had to pay S&H, pretty standard) as well as the $20 knife set and the $35 for 8 personalized shot glasses deals. (We actually are getting two sets of the 8 shot glasses, as we have a 16-person bridal party, and the sales guy was really nice about giving us the extra coupon for the deal.)

    Not too high pressure, but there were a few other folks at the demo who did buy, so maybe he figured that was enough and didn't feel the need to pressure us to buy as well.

    We took the resort package instead of the wedding bands, and I'm curious...has anyone else done this and already attended the resort? Was it hard to book? What kind of fees/taxes did you pay?
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    My fiance and I went a couple weeks ago and ended up buying the cookware (it was pricey but they threw in the entire baking set, cutting board and cooking utensils for free...about 20 pieces total). We had pretty cruddy stuff before so we figured, why not?! We just got it in the mail yesterday and have not used it yet so I can't speak on the quality. Feels nice though! Per reviews online, I think as long as you use it correctly it should be fine. As far as the gifts, they gave us both the bands and the trip. I already have a ring set so the fiance is going to get two (one as a back up!). The trip is still pretty pricey when you factor in flight, taxes and fees but you are still getting something free (the two nights with food and drinks). We plan on setting up a honeyfund account for our registry so we will just create our trip around those two nights and hopefully get everything else covered. All in all...I DO think it's a bit pricey and a little "scammy" BUT...I'm still not totally convinced that it's all bad. =) 
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    I just went last night. Nothing is free, but they're on the level. Basically, you sit through a live 2-hour infomercial designed to promote their cookware. My fiancé and I talked before going and decided not to buy anything that night, so that helped resist the temptation to spend lots of money we don't have.

    We were happy to get the gift card for the rings (not a $ gift card, it's more of a gift code that reduces any ring price on the website to $25 each, you can buy up to 2 rings). My friend's picked the 3 day 2 night all inclusive vacation last month when they went because it included food and beverage. They have to pay for the flight (price changes all the time) and taxes (about $75), but they were really happy with the choice. You also get a coupon for champagne flutes with your names on it ($20 shipping and handling).

    I went because I researched it on the BBB, and when I asked my friend if she heard of it, she said she went! Small world.

    They got your number and email from David's Bridal.

    I hope this helps! It's not for everyone, but it worked for us. $50 for a pair of wedding bands helps us stay within our budget for our wedding and save for the future with out skimping on the quality.

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