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7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise or 7 nights at Sandals Grande St. Lucian -- HONEYMOON =)

So, FI and I are torn between these two options for our honeymoon. Granted, we won't be honeymooning for a year and a half, but I'm a planner so I'm trying to figure this out so we can at least get a deposit down once we decide. Any thoughts? =)

Re: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise or 7 nights at Sandals Grande St. Lucian -- HONEYMOON =)

  • Personally? I've been on a cruise once in my life and it was boring as hell, and all you do is eat. There is food EVERYWHERE. And, for most of the time you're just stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and that gets lame real fast. And the ports really try to gouge you for everything.

    Sorry, I really just didn't enjoy my cruise.

    Resorts on the other hand...was at one this summer, and had the time of my life. I love that you had so many options- if you wanted to lay by the pool bar all day and get plastered? Totally fine! Or I could do some adventurous like zip lining or whatever. It was pretty cool. I guess the difference between the two is having options ever day, as opposed to just in ports.

    So that's just my take!
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    FI & I took our first cruise last Spring (10 night Eastern Caribbean) & we had a really awesome time.  I loved the cruise days, we laid out & did the activities they offer.  On port days we had excursions booked so for us it was the perfect balance of being lazy & being active. 

    I will say though that cruises can get expensive, especially if you drink alcohol.  It's not included in the price & it really, really adds up.

  • FI and I took a 7 day eastern cruise with his family in 2008 and had an amazing time ... this yr we took a 7 day western cruise just him & I and thats where he proposed again had an amazing time!!! I wouldn't mind another cruise for our honeymoon but his mom is gifting us our honeymoon so she's planning it (luckily she does amazing vacas herself so I'm not worried)
  • We are planning a 7 night cruise honeymoon.  We are looking forward to relaxing together after all of this planning  :)
    I's not where you go...but who you are with! 
    Happy planning!!
  • We are also going to do a cruise of somesort.  We want to be able to see and visit more than one place!!!
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  • We purposely picked May as our wedding month so that we could do a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon! Went on a Western Caribbean cruise for spring break during my senior year in college and had an absolute blast!! The FI has never been on a cruise before, so that's what we're doing!
    I would highly recommend Royal Caribbean for the cruise line... That's the one I was on several years back, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My parents have done a few different cruise lines and they preferred RC as well.
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  • Thanks ladies! We actually went on a cruise in September and had a good time. I like the adult-only part of Sandals, but it is a bit more expensive for what kind of room we'd want (a butler suite), and we were a little worried I'd get a little bit bored just lying on the beach everyday. We decided to go with a cruise because that way, we can have lazy days, but then there's also a lot to do and see on the boat or doing excursions. I know it can get pricey, we spent about $500 extra on our 4 night cruise in September just by drinking and paying the little charges for things we bought on the boat, etc. But we're definitely going on the Oasis of the Seas by RC, I wouldn't cruise with anyone other than RC! =) We're going to save Sandals for another newlywed trip, maybe a year or 2 after our wedding. <3
  • St. Lucia is AWESOME. I spent a week there in January 2010, and in May 2010, I went back for a month. I didn't stay at the Sandals but from what we saw, its really really nice! Saw it from the road as well as from the water. I vote Sandals!! 
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