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First look or no first look?

Just curious as to how many are doing a first look vs not doing one.
We decided to do a first look after much discussion and going back and forth. There were several logistical reasons why a first look was a better choice for us but also I just really think the pictures are so cute and we both ge nervous in front of large crowds and want to try and get those butterfly's out of the way.
It was a very difficult decision for me because we both did want the traditional not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle but ultimately realized for our day a first look would work out better.

What are you guys doing?
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Re: First look or no first look?

  • It was an easy decision for us to do a first look. I love the way they look and the fact it's just the bride, groom, and photographer.  I don't want anyone else seeing when he sees me for the first time and when I see him.  It'll also help me relax before the ceremony.
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  • tlc35tlc35 member
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    We are doing one for scheduling sake. I don't want to miss so much time during the party taking photos so we are doing most before. We aren't very traditional or superstitious.
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    We're doing one and I'm so excited for it. I'm looking forward to us being alone for a little bit. We'll be able to get any nerves out and just be together before the craziness of the day begins. First look photos tend to be my favorite wedding photos also. 

  • We wanted plenty of time for our photos, so we are definiltey doing a first look. FI didn't want to at first, but then I showed him an article with reasons why, and he was sold.
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  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:ea657a87-d1dc-4588-999f-31c9deeef720Discussion:3997de4b-4df6-4b64-89aa-8de90072c425Post:d4947610-a8e4-4b00-aa29-480dedb5f494">Re:First look or no first look?</a>:
    [QUOTE]We are doing one for scheduling sake. I don't want to miss so much time during the party taking photos so we are doing most before. We aren't very traditional or superstitious.
    Posted by tlc35[/QUOTE]

    Same here.  With our ceremony beginning at 5:00pm, we pretty much had to have it before so that we wouldn't spend forever taking photos between the ceremony and reception.
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    Yeah our wedding is at 6:30 so I just didn't see how it would work not doing a first look. But I'm super excited about it. At first we were both completely against it but then seeing other knotties and reading articles changed our the pictures are just so special to me. I can't wait!
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  • We are doing one.  We already live together, have a dog together and bought a house together.  And I don't want to make my guests hang out for an hour while we take pictures.  So it makes sense for us to do a first look and yes, liek many have said, they are always such cute pictures!  And he was with me when I bought the dress, though the wrong size and not in the same color, so I thought what the heck?  Unless you have very traidtional families I think they are a good idea!
  • We're going the traditional route, so we're not doing one... It was important to both of us that the first time he sees me in "the dress" is when I'm walking down the aisle to be married... We're going to make a point of going off w/ just the photographer once we get to the site for our reception to have some "alone" shots...

    I did toy briefly w/ the concept of doing the first look, but FI didn't even want to entertain the idea, so it made the decision easy...
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  • It was never even a consideration for us.  I understand the logistics of it, but but we are both very traditional people.  We wanted the first time we saw each other to be walking down the aisle.
  • I don't consider myself extremely traditional, but we are not doing a first look. FMIL said she would really like it if we didn't, and that's fine with me. Maybe I'm a bit superstitious, but my brother did a first look before his first wedding, and they were divorced within two years. We are going to take all of our bridal party pictures before the ceremony, and then just get the rest of the ones with all of us and our families after the ceremony. I'm not too worried about the timing. I think it will work out just fine :)
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  • We are doing a first look and also our WP pictures before the ceremony for time's sake. I'm really excited for it!
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  • We are doing a first look. My ceremony is at 11:30 and we have the venue until 3pm. And since I wanted to have as much time with family and friends after the wedding, I am dedicating a large chunk of time before the wedding to photos, very little after the wedding.
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  • Until I read this post, I was certain I did not want a first look.  I'm not very traditional but I liked the idea of my fiance seeing me all glamed up for the first time when I'm walking toward him down the aisle.  Now seeing all the reasons for a first look, I'm completely in love with the idea!  Plus it would make everything easier timewise.  We'll see what FI says :)
  • No fist look for us. It's a morning wedding so it is going to be a time crunch beforehand.
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  • We are not. My family has alway had fun with keeping the bride and groom from each other and so we are going old school. Not that i believe it's bad luck but it is a fun time. We are also spending the night apart as welll another family thing. But I am going to keep my son over night at a hotel with the girls and have a fun time swimming and relaxing...then my FI will be at our home with the guys and the dogs and he will come pick his son up in the morning while the girls go ahead and get ready.
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  • Definitely a first look. I am not keeping our guests waiting on us. 
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    We are going to do a first look. My FH is not sold on the idea but he said it's my decision, so we are doing it. My thought is that, it does cut down on time of taking picutres after the wedding. But we can also take our time taking the pictures. I don't think it will take away from the special moment of walking down the aisle because it's different from the first look. In that moment, IT'S REAL. You're getting married!!!!!!! You're being given away from some special person in your life to your FH. THAT moment is one that you can never match and is special in and of itself!!
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