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May 2013 Weddings

So, how did everyone make out this xmas?

Anything big this year?

Ours was pretty simple. FI got me a beautiful pandora bracelet and I got him an RC Car (haha, he's a big kid at heart). FIs parents got us a kick a$$ camcorder off our wedding registry.

I haven't done anything really WR in awhile, but I'll be honest, I was really excited yesterday because I was thinking, "oh, yay. Now that xmas is over, I can get back into WR stuff."

How did everyone else do?
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My cake is a 2-tier ivory cake with silver dotted scallops, ribbon and pearl brooch.

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Re: So, how did everyone make out this xmas?

  • We decided not to do gifts this year to save for the wedding. We just got gifts for our families. I haven't been wanting to do anything WR here recently but I know things need to get done.
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  • Fi got me kindle paper white Ive been considering a kindle for about a month now lol and I ordered him as Christmas /grad gift a plaque he wanted for his diploma. It's a huge beautiful one but super expensive and hasn't come in yet so as a small gift he got customized mms lol orange blue they say goo gators with mini pix of us playing
  • MamaBear, I sent you a thank you on facebook, but then I realized you might not be on it!  Thanks so much!!!  I'm actually having some of the hot chocolate right now!

    FI got me a pearl necklace and new wallet.  I got him a new briefcase and a coffee sampling set.  My parents bought us clothes, a dansk salad bowl, serving silverware, and a serving tray.

    I actually did one WR thing last weekend- I put each guests name on an index card.  That card has a number that will coordinate with the number that we will put on the back of each RSVP card.  Then I can use the cards to keep track of who is coming and who is not and then organize them into seating charts.

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  • FI got me a perfume set from VS and a pair of boots I'd been wanting.  I got him some Brooks Brothers sweaters (his favorite store, and the clearance/semi-annual sale isn't bad price-wise).

    My parents got me a vacuum and a set of luggage and I'm thrilled!  

    I have done nothing WR recently.  My mom showed me some napkins she'd ordered that have our last initial and names/wedding dates on them.  I wanted plain napkins and when I told her they were okay but that I wanted plain napkins and that I didn't really like her ordering stuff without telling me first she got really upset and mad and kind of yelled at me.  I mean there's still a lot of other important stuff to pay for.  I don't want to hurt her feelings so I think we'll end up using them, but I think they're kin of tacky/cookie cutter.  And this is the second thing she did without asking.  The first was a photobooth (which we now have to cut from other parts of the wedding to afford).  
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  • My mom gave all of my siblings (and us) a nice cash gift for the second year in a row.  She's older, and I think she wants to see us enjoy some of our inheritance before she dies.  We'll be using it toward our honeymoon, and the remainder of our dance lessons to choreograph our first dance.
    His parents gave us a bunch of house stuff (none off registries though, so I may have to evaluate what we have out there), and his niece and nephew made/decorated a bunch of stuff for us - key hanger, flower pot, whiteboard for the fridge, coffee cups, etc. - they were really cute.
    FI got me a bunch of little stuff I had asked for - mp3 speaker, VS stuff, really warm mittens, etc.  I got him a nice drum stool to play Rock Band, and renewed our season passes to the local amusement park.  Figured we'd probably only have this one more year to enjoy that until we have kids who are old enough to go on rides with us.
  • My FH got me an exercise mat, weights, and rubber bands--it was thoughtful because I mentioned needing to get that stuff a while back, but I was a little disappointed with the utilitarianness of it.  On the other hand, though, now I *have* to use it whereas I might have slacked off quickly if I bought it for myself.  So it was good.  :)

    I also got a standing wine bottle opener with a very heavy base and I've wanted one exactly like that for years.  Also, an immersion blender--I'm excited to use it, but now I have to find recipes that need it!
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  • We asked for things related to the wedding to help us to save money. We ended up getting our firetruck mailbox for our Gift Table - so thankful for my mom who understands the theme (we're having a hard time with some complaining & eye rolling because of our theme)! We also asked for our toasting flutes and cake serving set. My dad bought us the flutes and my grandma from my dads side got us our serving set - SO thankful for all gifted items! Even though theyre small tokens - they'll save us time an money in the long run. Asking for it definitely made me have to make a desicion!!
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