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When are you guys going to start yours?
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Re: Wedding Registry

  • I did mine at the 1 year mark for my previously planned wedding date (was supposed to be sept 2012 but when FI got laid off, we postponed to May 18 2013)  I am going to go back and adjust things, and redo some of the items they will have stopped carrying around the 1 year mark again, then again likely before I sent the STD's
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  • I don't know, but I've been thinking about this too.  Anybody else have any ideas?

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  • I am not sure either... but we were thinking about doing ours 8 to 7 months out...
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  • We already did ours.  We had an engagement party and wanted to make sure if we got presents, it was stuff we wanted.  I go back every once in a while to check for discontinue stuff
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  • I was thinking about 9 months out.
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  • My parents told me to start making it now because you should take your time in picking the items you want. Also, I want to have it all ready when we send save-the-dates because we are going to put the link to our wedding website on it. On the wedding website there will be information about the registry.

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  • We will probably start it in the next couple months since we'll be sending STD's a year out with our wedding website info on it. We will probably just update it periodically.
  • We will probably put ours together 9-12 months before...we're waiting until may to start with some more heavy duty planning!
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    I did mine about 10 months out from my original June 2012 date, but thinking that we may do an Amazon registry too.
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  • I actually already started (and finished my BBB one). I pre-registered at a bridal show this past weekend and have LOVED registering for things. I know things will change, and my tastes might as well, but with BBB's online registry, it makes things so easy!
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  • I started a wedding registry at I love searching through for things! I would suggest setting one up to even help you think about what you want at other places.
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