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Made an appointment with a florist :)

So excited, what should I bring with me?
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Re: Excited!

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    Obviously pics of flowers you like for bouquets and centerpieces, number of people in the bridal party, who else needs flowers (moms, readers, ushers), other spots you might want flowers (escort card table, bathrooms, mantles, etc)...umm thats all I think I brought. 

    One idea my florist had that I'm using is I'm re-purposing my ceremony flowers.  So I'm having flowers hanging from the pews in mint juep cups but they will also be used during our cocktail hour.

    Good luck!
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    Pics of what you like, but also bring pics of your venue and dress.  The florist I ended up going with asked to see whatever I already had planned for the wedding to get an idea of the feel I was going for.  He ended up being inspired by my shoes and necklace and took off with ideas from these.  Also, have a realistic budget in mind and tell them before you start anything.

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    I would also have an idea of how you want your reception tables set up. I didn't think about this much before my florist appointment, so I had no idea what to say when they asked how many centerpieces I wanted per table, what sizes, etc. If you are having round tables this isn't as big of a deal because you basically want something in the center, but I want feasting tables and had no idea how many centerpieces I would need to make the table feel full enough.
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    What everyone else has said. Definitely a pic of your dress. Also, bring pics of your BM dresses and if possible a sample of the color. Pictures of flowers or bouquets you don't like will help too.
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