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Booked our reception venue!

So, originally our date was 4/13/13 because the weather where we're getting married is perfect in April and we knew a lot of our friends who are still in school would be in town. But our hearts were and are absolutely set on having the reception in the big ballroom at our alma mater (well, his alma mater -- I'm still here, but it'll be my alma mater in a few months), and apparently all the high schools in the area book the room for proms years out. So now I'm going to be a May 18th bride! It's actually a blessing because I'll just be finishing my second year of grad school, and getting married after the end of the semester will give us more honeymooning options.

Officially booked the venue last night, and because they handle all of the catering and bar service (for such low prices!) I now have menus and pricing and details to work with and the whole thing suddenly seems so much more real. Which is a blessing and a curse, since now I have to wait another year and five months...but thank goodness for having all this time to plan!

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement about the first and only concrete thing we've booked/purchased wedding-wise thus far. =)

Re: Booked our reception venue!

  • Yay! Congratulations! 

    We have 2 places in mind so far. I like one over the other because the supply everything.
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    Yay!!! Congrats on the check! I can't wait to start checking things off our list starting in January!!! Oh and we are date twins!!!!
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  • AJK: I loooove that. Such a relief to have three or four vendors' worth of details all in one.

    GatorGal: Yay twins! Good thoughts waiting til January to really dive into your list...there's so much time, and it's probably best to enjoy the holidays first. Good luck!!
  • Welcome!  We're all date triplets!

    We've been getting quite a few checks done- I'm a planner and can't stand waiting to do things.  We have our venue booked, photographer booked, dj booked, musicians booked, and dress bought.  

    Has anyone else started dress shopping?  I want to see people's dresses!  For me, the dress was the most important part of the wedding.

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  • Wow, I'm impressed by how much you've already gotten done -- and jealous! I'm a planner, too, to the max, but boy and I currently live in different states and there are a lot of things (photographer, florist, etc) that I'd like to wait to work on until he gets back up here in the spring. Which leaves me in a bit of a holding pattern.

    Haven't come CLOSE to starting dress shopping aside from obsessing over pictures and watching far too much Say Yes to the Dress (lol!). Again, jealous! What did you end up with? Pictures?
  • I'm also May 18...  I have my venue for ceremony and reception.  (same place)  I have started to look at dresses and fell in LOVE but it's too early to buy because I am on a diet and will lose a lot more weight...  i also am waiting until after the 1st to start really planning!!!!
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  • The only thing i even sort of have planned is the church, I am waiting until February to really start doing the rest.

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  • Here's my dress! I <3 it! I'm not wearing the shrug, but I am wearing a full lenghth viel and a big cameo necklace (it's an heirloom and I've always wanted to get married in it)

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  • Oh my gosh that's gorgeous. I love the skirt. I'm a tiny, tiny chick, so I'm never going to be able to wear anything that full, but I bet it makes you look like a princess. =)
  • Great news! We are toying with idea of a Friday wedding on 5/17/2013, but the first date we settled on was 5/18. That's awesome you already have your venue!
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  • It's a good weekend to get married haha! What makes you lean towards a Friday wedding? Honeymoon options etc?
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