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Wedding Jewelry?

I am looking for places to shop for wedding jewelry... I have found some I like on Etsy, but I have a hard time spending a lot of money on something I'm going to wear for one day.  (Well, we won't talk about the dress or, you know, anything else wedding related for that day! HAHA)  
Basically, does anyone have cheap jewelry sources that also look nice?

TIA! =)

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Re: Wedding Jewelry?

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    Hi! :)

    If you are okay with shopping on ebay and ordering stuff from China I would try this place I bought a few pieces of jewelry from this place and its was actually nice!

    I hope this helps!

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    I found a beautiful headband, necklace, bracelet and earrings at Claire's at the mall. Honestly, it is beautiful and no one is going to know I didn't spend a lot more on it. And, if they were the type to care, they probably wouldn't be at my wedding ; Stores like that have all their prom jewelery out right now. Might be surprised! :
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    I spent more than I originally wanted to on my wedding jewelry and I bought it from Etsy. I contemplated for months over it, tried finding cheaper alternatives, but I don't regret it. It's exactly what I wanted for my look and I will totally wear some of it again.
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    If you have a Charming Charlie near you, try that. I bought a necklace and earrings on sale for like 10 bucks.
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    I second charming Charlie's! I got some great stuff there for me and my bridesmaids!
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    AS the two PP said, and you can find diferent colors at Charming Charlies if you like that too!!
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    If you have a Burlington coat factory near you that is where I got my jewelry. I got fake pearl earrings and bracelet for about $8 total.
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    I'm planning on renting jewelry from

    Really gorgeous jewelry that you get for 4 days starting at like $10 - there delivery date is guaranteed too!
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    I bought my hair comb from Etsy, and I will probably go to Charming Charlie for my earrings.  That's all I plan on wearing for jewelry! :)
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    I got my earrings and hair comb from Ebay. I found the same hair comb on etsy for double the price! I spent $22 total for the earrings and hair comb. Then I splurged on my bracelet from Etsy --$65

    There were a lot of other bracelets I liked but I couldn't justify spending $100+ for them.
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    My earrings are Neil Lane but I got them through a Today Show deal and they were like $35. I'm borrowing my hair comb from a friend. 

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    I got my earrings and necklace from JC Penny and my bracelet and hair accessories from Claires.  There was pleanty to choose from with all of the prom jewelry out right now.
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    I would like to suggest you that you can go for less jewelry but have genuine ones. You can always use them later as well. But, in case you just want to stick to wearing the ones which won't cost you much, then check out for the same at ebay. I am sure you will find so many and can choose the ones which appeal you the most.

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