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Are you ladies taking your bridesmaids dress shopping all at one time? I have 5 of them and wanted to make an appointment to look at dresses but I don't know if I should split them up or if we should go together?
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Re: Bridesmaid Dresses

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    It's near impossible to get my friends altogether at the same time, so it's been separate trips. Also, my sister who's my MOH lives in NY and only comes home twice a year, so for that reason alone it's impossible to get everyone together. Whatever works is just fine :-)
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    My BM's are all over but they are coming for our engagement party, so we're all going to go the day after that.
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    I have 7 girls with all different body shapes. We are going in July and I have picked out the dresses that I think that would look good. I will have probably all 7 maybe only 6 depending on the one's scheduale. I am really excited about dress shopping with the ladies
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    5 out of 6 beidesmaids are meeting me at the bridal shop on Wednesday night at 6:30.  It wasn't as hard as I thought to get them together.  Excited and nervous at the same time!! LOL

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    My BM's are all over the country, so I used to send them 4 choices of dresses and they could rank them in order. I tried to make sure each girl had their first or second choice. It worked out nicely! :) I didn't order the dresses from the site, but found them at a store close that has all of them.
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    I have to try to set up a time that is good for everyone I have 6 but would love to take them all together.
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