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Torn Between 2 Dresses...Help!!!

My wedding is May 11, 2013 and I can not decide on a dress, I need to make a decision asap because I know time is running out.  Here are the two very different styles

Dress 1


Dress 2
Large View of the Adeline Bridal GownDress Detail Thumbnail 2

Dress Detail Thumbnail 2

What do you think, dress 1 or 2?  How long did it take for your dress to come in?

I know whatever dress I choose alterations will be necessary considering my chest is about 2 sizes larger than my waist so I am also thinking which on will be more flattering to my preportions.  

Thanks ladies and congrats to you all, this is such an amazing process.  

Re: Torn Between 2 Dresses...Help!!!

  • I like 2 a lot better- just a personal preference though. Mine took a few months to come in.
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  • Thanks I have been leaning more toward 2 I think it's a little more sexy than 1 but 1 has more of a fairtail princess type feel.  I guess I have to decide what look I am going for.  

  • I like the first better, but neither would be a bad decision :-) I can see how you're torn!

    Dresses can take up to 6 months to come in, so I'd make a decision soon.
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  • I like 2, but once again that is based on my personaly tastes. Do you like bling and do you look good in a ball gown, or do you want to show off your curves more?
     Have you spoken with the bridal salon to see how long each one will take to come in? that might make your decision for you.
    Mine only took 4 months- it was from Allure.

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  • I love dress 2 more!!! Again it's my personal preference but the first dress is gorgeous too. My dress came in 3 months after I ordered it I think somewhere around there...
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  • I'm odd ball I like 1 more ... I'm top heavy too.
  • Well dress number 2 in my dress too!! So I definitely vote for that one :)
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  • Oh and it took 4 months to come in, so you should be ok if you order it soon. Are you thinking of getting the taffeta version or satin? 
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  • I love #2, but I may be biased because it is very similar to mine :) lol
    Mine took about 3 months to come in. 
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  • I like the 2nd one. My dress took the full 6 months (almost to the day) to come in.
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  • I love Dress 2. stunning....
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  • Thanks Ladies...I think two will be the dress.  I wish I could get them both the ballgown for the ceremony and #2 for the reception but it will be too much to change dresses, I will stick with one.  I want a sophisticated sexy look with some bling and two gives me that look, #1 just was a different WOW factor with the long train.  

    Krikin-I am thinking about the taffeta, I tried on the satin and I like the look but it was a little heavier so I am thinking about comfort considering I will be in it all day.  Which one did you get?  Do you have any pics?
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    I got the taffeta, I like that it's lighter and I think it goes better with our outdoor ceremony. They didn't have the satin one in the store to try on, but I did try another satin dress on and it was heavy!

    I posted the pics here when I picked it up Clicky

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  • I LOVE #2! 

    I ordered my dress in May and it still hasn't come in yet. 

  • Love dress 2, but dress 1 is nice also. Which do you love or have been dreamin about?
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Torn Between 2 Dresses...Help!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I LOVE #2!  I ordered my dress in May and it still hasn't come in yet. 
    Posted by rdr716[/QUOTE]

    You ordered in May and it still isn't in yet?! Who is your designer?
    I ran into a bride who ordered over 6 months out for her wedding but the factory ran out of the material for her dress, it was 6 days before her wedding and it had just made it to Alaska. The shop was going to have to do a 24 hour alteration turn around. It freaked me out. They aren't kidding around when they say order well in advance I guess.
  • Thanks for all the help ladies...I picked a dress and ordered it today!!! It's not dress one or I stopped by a bridal salon close to my job that I pass everyday and found THE ONE. It's Allure 8966...what do you think?  It will be in the first week of April, lots of time to get in shape not too much for alterations. 
  • I love the first dress, who is the designer?
  • Oh I love your choice better than one or two.
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