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dress dilemma

So i already have my dress, and I love it. I wasn't planning on changing into a reception dress or changing to leave the reception. I like the idea of my new husband helping take it off when we get back to our hotel room.  BUT, I found one of Kate Spade's wedding dresses at TJ Max for $100. It was the only one, and on my way to the dressing room, I had mixed feelings. Part of me didn't want it to fit lol! I've included a link to the picture, but it looks much better in person than on that super skinny model. The bow cinches in at the right spot on my waist, so it shows off my hourglass figure a little. The bow looks better in person too. And hidden in the ruching, pockets! So cute!

Do you think I could wear it at a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner? Neither are planned yet, so I don't know how formal they will be. Since I'm the bride, can I wear whatever I want to those occasions? Like if one is just a backyard bbq or something really casual, can I still wear this dress?

sorry for the longish post!

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