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Post your ceremony decor inspiration pics!

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  • This is my venue and this is exactly what I'm going for including the centerpieces but minue the sashes on the chairs. I also plan on adding shiny pebbles fromMichaels in orange and pink to make a Coral color as a pop of color on the tables. The venue also provides amber colored lighting as it will be sea turtle nesting season then! This is the rooftop where I want the reception provided weather cooperates!

  • Honestly, I couldn't find any pictures that inspired me for our ceremony space.  I was a little worried about it until we met with our florist whose ideas pulled it all together.  It's going to be modern with a slightly tropical feel. 

    There will be three tall arrangements behind us that has shells at the bottom of the vase and orchids and pearls coming out of the shell and suspended in the water with grasses coming out of the top.  The florist says he can get palm plants at home depot and put them in baskets to be placed around the room.

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  • I dont honestly plan to decorate the space that much at all. Its going to be a short ceremony so not doing too much.
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  • Luckily we don't have to worry about ceremony decorations as the pew bows and isle runner are included in the price and the bride's bouqet and MOH bouquet are placed on the alther.
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  • Not too sure how we are going to decorate the arbor ... I am going to line the outside of the aisle with my fabric pomander balls

    I am sure I will think of more things to add as time passes by...
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  • I haven't seen anything totally inspiring so I am still working on it right now.

    The venue has some really great stuff so I might use some of that but I don't have pics of it yet.
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  • Im not doing anything with ceremony decor. Its in a church, maybe attach a few ribbons to the pews but thats about it? As far as I know they don't allow alot of decorations. And to be honest, I dont feel the need to decorate the church, its going to be the shortest part of the day!
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