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veils/hair accessories

has anyone thought about what they would like yet? I always thought for the ceremony I'd wear my hair down with a 2 tier cathedrial length and then for the reception put a really beautiful flower in, but I'm starting to think about the idea of my hair up and these birdcage veils..some are really cute! ( I did hair for 5 years so maybe im a little bit more into the whole headpiece/hair thing then most, haha) so what are you guys thinking of doing?

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    I have tossed around a few ideas i am in the process of growing my hair out so hopefully by the time my hair trial comes it will almost be the length I want it... If not looks like extensions are going in lol... I love the birdcage veil. I am definitely having one for my ceremony and then I will put some kind of hair fascinator for the reception. I posted some inspiration hair ideas below...

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  • I have a lot of pictures on my pinterest boards :-P I'll for sure do something half up, half down.

    I already have an elbow length veil that has ribbon edging on it, but I am leaning toward wearing a crystal or floral headband instead of a veil. Or maybe I would have my veil and a headband and just take off my veil for the reception :-)
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  • I definitely want my hair to be up... either in an off to the side chignon or vintage style glamorous swept up do and I will be wearing a cathedral length veil :)
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  • I will deffinately have my hair up in some way and want a veil with I think it's called a blusher with rhinestones in it...  But I think I want some sort of headpiece, because I do not want to wear my veil for the whole reception too.
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  • Ahh, I have no idea yet...I've never been a huge fan of veils, and neither is my FI. Plus my hair is a lot shorter than I want it to be for the wedding, and while I know it grows FAST, I have no idea how long it'll be in 17 months. I'm thinking a knot-like updo with a white flower, but I'm having a lot of trouble conceptualizing what's going to work for me down the line.
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