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May 2013 Weddings

Anyone actually a May 2013 Bride?

So I have noticed some of the ladies from the Bump used this board while theirs was down, but I was wondering if anyone here is actually planning a May 2013 wedding? I know its a while out, but FI and I decided we wanted to be done with our masters degrees and be working for a while. What's everyone elses reasoning?

Re: Anyone actually a May 2013 Bride?

  • Yay for May 2013 brides! I am so excited to see people on here as well! Now can we make time speed up?!

  • Oh, I got too excited and forgot to add the rest. My FI in in Pharmacy school and wont be done until 2014, and he would like to wait until then to get married. I want 2012, so 2013 is the compromise. Haha. I guess it gives plenty of time to plan and get finances in order which is a huge plus. We just got engaged 12/19 at the National Christmas Tree in DC so Ive been lurking for a LONG time. I am SO excited to plan but I feel that its too early. Have you guys done anything?
  • We haven't made any official decisions, but are seriously looking at and considering May 2013
  • We haven't made any real plans yet either. All I know is that I'd like a May or June wedding but nothing is set in stone yet. I cannot wait to actualy be able to plan
  • Right now its killing me, 876 days, booo! Haha. I guess in the end it will all pay off. I need to just stop worrying about it, but I cant help but to want to plan!
  • Yes!! My fiance and I are both working on our degrees. He is also in the army. We are getting married about 2 weeks after we graduate so it is before he goes to training, too.  I can't wait! I am so ready to get into serious planning mode, but it's kinda early.
  • I'm a May 2013 Bride..YAY!
  • We decided to do May 18 2013 as well! My fiance graduates the weekend before and we're hoping that he'll have a job lined up and it will work for him to start June 1. Our next two summers are just so booked up that that made the most sense for us! I've been trolling looking at dress styles, locations, and colors. I decided that my goals this year are to narrow down venues that I like and that are reasonable because this time next year I'd like to have it booked. I've decided on colors and have ideas for flowers. But at the end of the day but nothing is set in stone yet! It does seem so far away but I'm hoping it will just give me plenty of time to try to make sure everything is just right with less stress along the way...hypothetically, anyway! Laughing
  • Hello everyone! I am a May 2013 bride as well! My fiance and i just set the date last week and its so exciting! Im glad others are planning a lil further out as well...very comforting hehe :)
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  • we are a possible may also... been around the june board.
     debating.. but we found a venue we can get a good deal for a may wedding so its possible!

     i tried to convince fi into may 2012.. but not working :(
  • Hey guys!

    I am a May 2013 bride too! My fiance is in grad school until May 2012 and we are just moving in together this summer. It feels so far away but I honestly have no time to plan right now since I just got my first real job out of college. My family is being totally supportive because they know how busy we are. I am super excited though! It's nice to know other girls are going through the same thing! :)
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  • Our date is also May 18th, 2013!  Have you decided on any wedding colors yet? we chose watermelon and yellow..a nice springy bring celebration! Congrats on everyone's engagement too! :)
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  • I am planning a May 2013 wedding. Our tentative date is going to be May 24th (it's a Friday). I am hopefulyl going to have a beach wedding though, so that means at least 2 hours of travel. This should be interesting. We are putting it 2 years out because we are hoping for a 2nd (and last) baby this year so we can have our family complete first. I also want to have it all paid for without having to step into a loan office. Two tax seasons should be more than enough. =]

    Like the rest of you though, I CAN'T WAIT to get started planning.
  • So I assume most of you already have a guest list then? If you are looking into places, you must, right?
  • Hi, I am also planning my wedding for May 2013. We kind of have a silly reasoning to why we are waiting so long. The only real reason we are is because my sister will be getting married in June 2012. We figured we can let it be her year. (also if my parents are willing to help they have some time to save Wink )
  • May 18th seems like a pretty popular date!!! That's when I'm getting married as well!!!!
    We actually just decided on our venue the other day and are waiting to receive the contract in the mail!!!

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