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My best friend got married this weekend

It was a lot of fun. In San Antonio on the riverwalk. It's both of their second weddings and they wanted to keep it cheap, so they did a ceremony on the island, then dinner at Barribas, then a pub crawl all night long with her in her wedding dress. LOL
It got chaotic for a few minutes when, at 5:00pm the night before the wedding was to start (at 11:00am) she called the officiant and he said he wasn't coming b/c his mom died.
Uhm, I'm sorry for your loss, but shouldn't YOU have Called HER??? If she hadn't called, he would have just no-showed!
Luckily my group of friends is awesome and between 3 of us we had 4 ministers lined up and waiting to marry her. LOL
She chose who she wanted and we went on about our weekend.
We went to dinner that night and he was crying in the bathroom over the panic of not having a minister when this sweet lady walks in and just starts preaching to her about how yo don't even have to have a minister to get married b/c God is in your marriage if you PUT him there. I cried through her entire speech, went out and told FI and he quickly found her waiter and paid her dinner tab for her and her fiancee.  <3
The next day was CRAZY b/c since it was such a small wedding, it was like 4 of her friends (including myself, and I was photographing too), and 2 of them were no where to be found, 1 of them was in another room getting ready. So WHILE photographing, I was getting the bride dressed, re-assembled a seam in her sash, altered the ring-bearers pants that didn't fit, got his vest fitted to him, fixed the veil that she tried to iron and burnt a hole in, and got myself ready for the wedding. I was exhausted to say the absolute least.
Our night at the reception was cut short b/c we went to D!ck's Last Resort much later in the night and a balloon popped sending FI into a panic (he still has combat-related panic attacks from his deployment last year). He insisted he was fine and could wait it out, but I insisted we leave. Luckily my friend completely understood (she was him jump and race to the bathroom) and gave us goodbye hugs and kisses, but invited us to join them at the next place. We passed and instead opted for watching street art, a dinner of subway, and going to ripleys. We had a wonderful trip, despite all the craziness, and I just had to share what an insne weekend it was. lol
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May 18, 2013
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Re: My best friend got married this weekend

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    Oh. My. Goodness. WOW. Sounds like it is a good thing she has you for a friend!
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    WOW!!! That was a crazy weekend... I must say your best friend is lucky to have someone like you with her on her special day to help out.
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    Wow crazy memorable weekend! I love San Antonio I went there when Fi was at Lackland for basic and tech school. Huge base compared to the few I saw and Riverwalk was a blast. Although we werent 21 we still were able to enjoy it!
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