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Bridesmaid Dress Help

Ok so I need opinions... When I originally went BM shopping we all decided on this dress: http://www.billlevkoff.com/style/bridesmaid-dress/173 but I'm not completely sold. I would have the bow in the back removed and it become a loop hole sash. Heres the dilema my sister MOH really likes it... so I was thinking that they BM (there's 3 of them) could all be similar but a little different... There dress would all be the same colors Lilac with a champagne sash but each one would have a different dress... the 3 dress would be the original for my sister and then  http://www.billlevkoff.com/style/bridesmaid-dress/525 for my sister in law and http://www.billlevkoff.com/style/bridesmaid-dress/125  for my best friend.

What do you think? Should I stick with them all having the first dress... or should I go with the different dresses that are all very similar?

Re: Bridesmaid Dress Help

  • I guess I'd have them try on the dresses to see how they even look and go from there. I don't think either decision would be a bad one just based on pictures.
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    All 3 of my bridesmaids have different figures too... so I feel like each dress I picked for them would be flattering on their body types
  • I think if all of the dresses are the same color, then having different styles isn't a bad idea.  But then again I like when all of the dresses are the same except for the MOH.  Have them try on the dresses and see which idea looks the best, and makes them feel the most comfortable, since they are the ones paying for the dresses and having to wear them.
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  • I really like the idea of doing similar dresses but different for each BM. My bridal party is doing all of the same color and fabric but each a different style. I think it would be a cool idea!
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  • I also like the idea of doing same colors but different dresses for each BM... I say go for it... btw I love the blue dress Laughing
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  • SRRL18SRRL18 member
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    I'm all for different style of dresses for BMs.
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  • In Response to Re: Bridesmaid Dress Help:
    [QUOTE]I also like the idea of doing same colors but different dresses for each BM... I say go for it... btw I love the blue dress
    Posted by FLGatorGal88[/QUOTE]

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