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Got some honeymoon options from a travel agent

I was really lost on what we should do for our honeymoon.  The only thing i was coming up with was Disney World.  We have both been there before, me way more times than him, but I thought it'd be cool to actually stay at a disney resort and have full-immersion.  But, the more I looked at it, it was getting more and more expensive, and we started questioning whether we'd want to spend the week after we get married surrounded by little kids, or if we wanted to do a more-adult activity.

So, I contacted a travel agent and she came back with a cruise, or 4 different all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.  Mexico wasn't even on my radar, but now that I'm seeing what the prices are and what all is included, I'm leaning in that direction.

Our options are 2 resorts in Riviera Maya and 2 in Puerto Vallarta.  Who has been there?  Did you like it?  Were you scared of any drug activity or anything?  From what I've heard, the areas are fairly safe, but I've had more people say Riviera Maya is better.  Curious to see what you ladies have to say.

Re: Got some honeymoon options from a travel agent

  • From what I've seen on the Honeymoon board, Riviera Maya seems like the place to be. For me personaly I don't feel comfortable going to Mexico after all the news stories over the past few years. That being said I'm sure you'll be fine, it just makes me nervous. 

    I have been on 3 cruises to Mecixo that all went to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Mazetlan. Puerto Vallarta was nice, but Cabo was my favorite of the stops. I haven't been to Cancun but I have also heard good things about it. I believe there is a new AI Secrets resort there called the Vine that is supposed to be really nice.
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  • We are staying at The Royal Cancun and have heard nothing but wonderful things about it, and the area! I have read review after review and not one said they did not feel safe if they chose to leave the resort. So I feel completely confident that we will be fine. As long as you're not going inland or around the boarder, I think it's fine. 
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  • I was in Rivera maya this time last year and felt completely safe on the resort. I defiantly noticed all of the extra security at the airport and on the road between the resort ( now sapphire) and the airport. I'm not going to lie, it freaked me out. We went into knowing we would not leave the resort during the trip and while you are there we really felt like it was a different world from outside of the resort. We chose our resort because they have a ' preferred' status that allows access to an adults only lounge and pool and included premium liquors. It gave us an adults only option but was cheaper than an adults only resort. Also, the state department allows you to register overseas travel so if something were to happen, they could help you more easily... And they send you travel alerts specific to your destination before you go. I can see where some people would be a bit uncomfortable with ' big brother' but I was a little nervous before leaving and it made me feel better.
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