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Let me hear your proposal stories!

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    Joshua and I started to look for engagement rings for months. I found the one I loved I wasn't expecting it anytime soon. It was around Christmas time.One night Joshua and I came home from dinner (which btw he was acting really strange...). He ended up falling asleep. He woke up and saw me looking at the picture of my ring. He asked me " Do you think I have it"? I told him no. He then pulled out a black cardboard box and he didn't say anything. I didn't believe that the ring was in the box. Since Valentine's day of that last year I have been asking for a pair of diamond earrings. I just thought I was getting my Christmas present early. So then he pulled out the ring box and I told him that it wasn't in there. Then he opened up the ring box and there was my ring!!! He asked me to marry him I said yes of course!!!!! (this happened back in 2010 lol)
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    Short version: We were 3 days into our cruise and starting sail away from Belize when he says lets go on the balcony and take a shot your going need it. We always took a shot an watched as we sail away so I didn't think anything. As soon as I turned around to give him the glass he was ok his knee holding a ring. I have no idea what he said lips were moving I was in such shock all I could say was omg is this for real seriously?!!!! Then after few min he was still on his knee he says what is your answer and I say yes yes of course! After he put the ring on my finger an someone from another balcony yelled over what going on over there he Leaned over the railing and yells she said yes I'm engaged! Cutest thing ever! Now if only I could remember what he said when he proposed lol
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    It was the day after my 25th birthday. He took me to Nantasket Beach at sunset. We were walking on the beach towards the sunset. I wanted to turn around to head back to the car because me legs were hurting. We heard a loud boom which I thought was thunder. Turned out to be fireworks. The moon was pink. As we got close to the car but still on the beach. He turned to me and pulled me in close and asked I have an important question to ask you. He said will you marry me? I asked are you sure? Are you serious? Are you kidding me?  His response was, does this look like I'm kidding as he pulls the ring out of his pocket. I of course said yes and he slipped the ring on my finger.

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    We were at our favorite park having a picnic. It was close to our 5 year anniversary and we both had been so busy that we decded to take some time just for each other and have a picnic. We got food from our favorite local sandwich shop and went to the park. He started talking about our relationship and how long we'd been together and everything we had been through with each other which wasn't weird since we always talk about our relationship. So the funny thing was that I was eating like crazy. The sandwiches are quite large and we had a half of a watermelon and didn't bring any utensils so I am stuffing my face like a slob. And then FI said I want to make sure we are together for the rest of our lives and that was when I knew he was going to ask me. He got on one knee and asked me right after that. I continue to try to take all the food off my face (haha) and put the ring on my finger and hugged him. Then of course the water works started and I didn't stop crying for like 10 minutes haha
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    I was a total crazy person leading up to our engagement.  I mean, Crazy!  We bought a ring together in January 2011 and he proposed in June 2011.  In that time span, I went nuts.  Fast forward to June, he kept building up my birthday.  We had plans to out to a nice dinner and I kept telling my friends that this was THE day.  I had myself convinced it would be a birthday present.  Right before we went to dinner, he handed me a birthday present... it was a very nice purse, but not a ring.  I was so dissapointed.  Then we went to dinner.  About 15 minutes into the meal he said, "I know you're dissapointed and I know why, so I'm going to do this now instead of waiting until the end of dinner."  Then he went into a lovely speech that I only heard half of, went to pull out the ring, and I tried to stop him by saying "NO!  You can wait until you're ready!  I don't want to ruin this for you!"  And he was like, "Ummm I just gave you that 10 minute speech... I'm going to do it now!"  Pulled out the ring, I said yes, that's it!  Yup, my parents apoligized to him for my craziness later on...

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    I was at work helping this lovely older couple. It was ironic because they were telling me that they were married for 42 years, and the husband said he made it that long by nodding his head and saying 'Yes, Dear'. Lol. They were cute. So one of my co-workers comes to get me, and says that my manager wants me. As soon as I walk to her, she covers my eyes, and tells me to walk with her. When she let go, I opened my eyes, and the first people I saw were Tristin's best friends. I said hi to them, and looked over and saw him standing there with roses. Looking too yummy I might add. I was confused, because he had just left work, and should have been in his work uniform. Anyways, he said he loved me, and that he couldn't imagine his life without me. I blacked out after that, lol. I honestly don't remember what he said. Lol. When I came to, he was on his knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and then the tears started. It was great.!
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    Josh and I had looked at rings in early 2010 and had talked about marriage, but of course had no idea when he was going to propose since he was saying he didn't know how he would come up with the money for my ring.

    Probably about 4 months later, he said he was going to be out for a bit getting his car looked at since it was acting up. Of course I thought nothing of it and just hung out at home with our dog, lol. He then came home and said he wanted to take us to the park and walk our dog on the trails, I said sure!

    We get to the park and walk our dog for a while and Josh kept wanting to go toward the ampitheater and I'm like why let's go on the trail. Then after a while we went to the ampitheater and Josh started getting down on the ground. I asked if he was ok since he gets random aches a lot so that was my first thought, lol.

    He then said if he could ask me something and I said sure, what's up. He pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him, I was in shock! It took me a little bit to say yes since I was in shock! Then I immediately texted everyone I knew and called my mom first to tell her :-)
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    Ours is a lot less exciting.  Our anniversary of our first date is the day after Christmas.  So, we did our family Christmases last Dec, and my mom surprised all of my siblings with money (she hands out parts of our inheritance every couple of years), so I decided that was the kick in the butt we needed to get engaged.  We took that money and bought my ring on our anniversary, then went to Dave & Busters, which is where we had our first date.  There was never the dropping to one knee or anything, but it was still awesome.  His family came to dinner a couple nights after and we broke the news then.  They were beyond excited.
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    After a very difficult and trying year my mother and I had started to plan a trip for the whole family to Disney World. My sisters, mom and I hadn't been to the parks in a long time all together so we decided to make it a big trip and of course FI was going to come as my mom always says hes part of the family.  Our first day in the parks was 11/11/11 in Magic Kingdom (my favorite park). We had just finished watching a parade and dancing with some of the characters and decided to continue riding some rides. On our way to Space Mountain I noticed a garden off to the side that had the castle in the background and there was a Disney photographer taking pictures of the guests. I suggested we all take a picture in this location, so I approached the photographer and stood there for the picture. I noticed him struggling a long time to take his jacket off and I was getting impatient thinking that he was just stalling so that he didn't have to take the picture (lol!) Finally he made his way over to me and before I knew it he was down on one knee!! I was so completely in shock that I didn't even hear him ask me to marry him. Finally I said yes and we laughed and hugged and cried. When he finally got the ring on we turned around and my whole family was crying just like me and the photographer was snapping pictures the whole time so we have it all in pictures! It was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better proposal <3!

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    I love hearing these! Here's mine: last fall I had a dream that FI proposed. When I woke up, still half asleep, I felt for an engagement ring on my finger and I felt something! I was really tired, though, and didn't even lift my head off the pillow...just thought, "I have to call my friends and tell them!!" In reality, the ring I felt was one I had bought with FI's first initial, and not an engagement ring. When I went to pick up my phone, I noticed it was the initial ring and went back to sleep, pretty disappointed. I told FI about my dream in the morning and how I had woken up SO EXCITED to feel a ring on my finger. I can't even remember how he definitely wasn't something that hinted at anything.

    Fast forward to Dec. 23. FI and I were heading out to his family's weekend house for Christmas (this is also where I had the dream). Car rides make me extremely sleepy and by the time we got there, I wanted to take a nap. It was really close to dinner and we had just arrived, so I didn't think taking a nap would be appropriate...but everyone was suggesting I do it! Everywhere I turned, NAP. My FSIL even said something like, "I saw on the Today show this week that taking a nap is guaranteed to make your day better!" So needless to say, I took a nap, and told FI to wake me up for dinner. Well, he did wake me up--to propose! While I was asleep, he had slipped my engagement ring on my finger...and then woke me up to ask me to marry him :) He SCARED me though, so it took me a good two minutes to understand that he was asking me to marry him...we have it all on tape and it seriously looks like we are discussing the pros and cons, it takes me so long to get it! Later he said he was so excited to be able to say that he literally made my dreams come true. And I had NO CLUE it was coming--we were leaving for a trip to Israel two days later and he had suggested we look for rings together while we were there, so I didn't see it coming early!
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    I'm going to give the short version.  He was at my house Christmas day and basically we were just laying around til everyone else woke up and I said something about loving being his girlfriend when he said "You won't be just my gf for long".  So of course I get excited.  Then we went to his house for Christmas Day and he kept making a joke about a small present in the tree. that wasn't my ring.  It was a pair of earrings from his mom.  I was a little disappointed but no biggie.  Then after eating ourselves into a food coma and taking a subsequent 4 hour nap we had nothing to do.  He asked if I wanted to see where he was from, so he drove me all around his hometown.  He showed me old houses and told me tons of stories from when he was growing up.  We ended up at some pond/park/track thing with a huge Christmas tree.  We started debating if it was real or not, so we got out to check.  It wasn't.  But there was a dock on part of the pond that we walked out to.  It was pretty and cold and awesome and I said something about being sad Christmas was over almost.  He said "It's not over yet, you still have one more present".  I turned around and he pulled the box out of his coat pocked and asked if I'd marry him.  Of course I said yes.  

    He'd asked my dad the day before and gotten my dad's permission which was a huge deal to my dad.  Granted he didn't say when he was going to propose so my parents thought it was going to be a little bit later, but my dad still said yes so he was happy for us after the initial "Oh my god my daughter's engaged" part wore off. 
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    We occasionally like to go camping by ourselves (without my son) and we have recently purchased a popup camper. So its a Firday afternoon end of July, hot as he77 and we're setting everything up. Im cranky because its hot, im tired from working all day and just in an overall funk. He could tell I was not happy. So we finally got everything set up and we're sitting inside in the little dining table, sitting across from each other. In an effort to get things back on the right foot, I sit next to him. He started looking at his hands, then back up at me, then back at his hands and I asked, "whats up?". He pulled the ring box out of his shorts pocket. I was completely shocked. I said, "what's that? It looks like a ring box!" like three different times because I was surprised and scared, but at the same time I didnt want to get my hopes up because I thought it might be earrings. He then opened it and once the shock officially registered on my face, he turned, got on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes and on came the waterworks. He spent the rest of the evening relishing in the fact that he figured out how to unhinge me ;)
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    On Easter after we got home from our family dinner we talked about getting married and he asked me and I said yes
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    FI picked up the ring on a Friday and what I learned later, this was his initial plan:

    He planned to ask my mom on Saturday and take me to Harvard Square on Sunday to pop the question (which is where we had our first official date and a place we used to hang out all the time when we first started dating)

    What really happened:
    He picked up the ring on Friday afternoon, it burned a whole in his pocket and he asked me on the back porch when we were getting home from dinner that night- ha.   He was SO nervous he even broke the ring box in his pocket because he kept checking for it and playing with it.  

    The proposal was cute anyways, but it was funny to learn later that he had this big romantic plan and couldn't wait the two days to execute it!  

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    I thought we were headed for a breakup, since he'd been distant and weird and kind of picking fights. I was at work (I own a bakery cafe) and in a pretty sour mood when when two delivery guys came in with a huge box on a dolly. I was trying to say I didn't remember ordering anything big, and Ben burst out of the box in a shower of styrofoam peanuts with roses and a ring box. It nearly gave me a heart attack! He got down on one knee off the dolly and raised the ring above the counter and asked me to marry him. There were many tears!
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    HERE IS THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE IT MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME!!! I know that every girl has a crush on Peter Pan but my condition was serious. I used to have night terrors as a child, nightmares that would keep me from sleeping. They were so vivid. The only break in all these nightmares was this one vivid dream that reoccurred. It was Peter Pan, at my window, asking me on a date. He would tell me that night what adventure we would go on the next night so I would be ready. One day my mom found my sequined ice skating outfit wadded up under my pillow with my skates. She asked me of course what it was doing there. “Peter Pan is coming and we are going iceskating!” This passion for Pan grew as I did and I watched the video (Mary Martin of course) over and over and wore it out twice. For Halloweens, I was Smee, Hook, Pan, Tink, Wendy, you name it!

    I grew up but my love never faded and I moved to Philadelphia where I met Chris. It was only a few weeks into getting to know him that he told me he was cast as Peter Pan. His way of letting me know was a text that read, “Will you be my Wendy?” I called my mom and told her that if this wasn’t THE ONE, than it was a cruel joke. It took Chris a while to stop being a “Lost Boy” but one day he decided to move to Philadelphia with me. (He was living in NYC)

    He was out of town on work one weekend so I didn’t suspect him home. My friend tells me we should go to an arts/food fest down by the piers. “Get dolled up!” She says. Little did I know Christopher had called my mom and my best friend from Ohio AND HIS childhood friend Tony from Oregon to come down. He got the hook up on an old Spanish tall ship that happened to be docked in Philly this weekend (because he is magic).

    We walk down to the pier and apparently Tony was stationed to greet me with a “Wendy Gown” ( I am a costumer, Chris thinks of everything). My friend Kristen says “We should talk to this pirate.” I am thinking “whatever I am hungry” but I do a double take and realize it is Chris’ friend. “TONY what are you doing here!!??” I scream…then it hits me…oh wow… Tony you are dressed as Hook…what. are. you. doing. here? It was then that I went into an elated shock. They try to dress me in the Wendy gown and escort me onto the ship. The rest is a dream.


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