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New Honeymoon question: Using a travel agent or no?

So for those going outside of the US, are you using a travel agent or booking on website?
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Re: New Honeymoon question: Using a travel agent or no?

  • By the way - I'm on a "poll" spree haha I love using these polls!
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  • didn't need one. Booked the plane tickets and FI's dad has points through his timeshare so we booked an all inclusive resort with his points
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  • MamaBear904MamaBear904
    edited August 2012
    I selected Travel Agent, but Im trying to do it ourselves. Its just very overwhelming and because its outside the US, its that much harder. Im thinking we'll try for a agent.
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  • I HIGHLY recommend a travel agent. In fact, I have an amazing one, and am happy to provide her info. (She was one of my closest friends in HS, and she's been doing the TA thing pretty much since.)

    We've been looking at resorts for a few weeks, and our initial list of requirements to her was "Caribbean, All-inclusive, Under $XXX, 10 days." She sent back about 10 different places and listed out the features and bonuses of each.

    Over the course of a couple emails, we narrowed it down to our favorite resort, and then I did some comparison shopping... I found that the price she got us was $1000 (yes THOUSAND) cheaper than the online advertised price! This meant we could upgrade to a nicer suite than what the website was offering -- and she can get us some honeymoon extras.

    And? We pay NOTHING for her services.
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  • I voted for a travel agent, but it depends. I'm definitely going to go to a travel agent and see how the prices they find compare to what I have found. I also want to see if they suggest any places that I might have missed in my search. If they can do as well or better, I'll book with a travel agent so I have someone to talk to if issues come up.
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  • We used a travel agent. It just seemed so much easier to say this is what we are looking for, what do you suggest. Looking on our own was getting overwhelming. Plus this way, we can make payments through the travel agent, or just pay it all off in like April. 
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  • We were corresponding with an agent but she kept steering us towards more expensive options, then I found the resort we booked at online myself.
  • FI did a lot of research online and booked without a travel agent.
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  • I looked into travel agents but since we were using miles to book our tickets they said I had to do flights myself.  I have booked flights in and out of Paris. I am now working on hotels until the cheap inter Europe flights are released in Dec/Jan timeframe.
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