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Of Course

So I had an exam in my hardest class on Wednesday and after turning mine in I hit my knee so hard everything got dark.  I leaned over to try and make it a little bit better, but still had to leave the room so the next class could come in.  I walked out of the room and outside the building onto a walkway between it and the one next to it (I was on the second floor).  

I sat down and pulled out my phone to call my fiance to come get me since I still felt like passing out and the next thing I know, I'm laying on my side.  No clue how long I was out for, if anyone saw, or anything.  I called him and he called ems, so I got a ride to the student health center in an ambulance since it was either that or an er.  I kind of wish I'd gone to the ER since then I could have just had all the tests done at once.

They aren't sure why it happened still, so until I get an EEG on Thursday I can't drive.  Or take baths.  Or carry sharp objects.  I feel fine.

Just thought I'd let y'all know why I'd been a little absent lately.  
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