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Medium length hair and a small comb? Possible?

While looking around Etsy the other day I stumbled across a comb I love and would look great with my dress. It's about 2.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide

I haven't really considered a comb before, because most of the hair styles I've seen seem to requre long hair. My hair is just to my shoulders and probably won't get a whole lot longer before my wedding. Any ideas? We're haveing a fairly casual wedding if that helps 
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Re: Medium length hair and a small comb? Possible?

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    i think that would work!! my hair is about ear length and i'm considering a comb too.if you love, it see what the return policy is.  if you can return it, buy it adn try some hair styles with it in.  if you find it doesn\t look right, you can return it.

    btw-this is my hair hair was curled by making pin curls, hairspraying the crap out of them, and releasing.

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    I think it would work.

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