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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Dreadlock styles

I am in search of a hairstyle for my dreads which are about three inches past my shoulders....maybe a little bit longer. Any ideas??

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Re: Dreadlock styles

  • how thick are your dreads?

    Here they are....they are quite thick, both individually and as a whole. I do have some loose hair in the front which im actually somewhat happy about currently because I have very curly hair so they just curl up and look kinda cute..may be something cute for the big day!
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  • you can easily work with what you have, dreads can look beautiful and will on your day, here
    are some elegent and simple styles i think would work

    half up/half down: you can do this by taking the dreads from your temple area and front putting them back in an elastic and attaching a piece such as a flower or other ornament

    you could do a side bun , will take some work to get bobby pins through looser areas but you can do it

    make sure if youre using a hairstylist to get someone who can work with dreads, if youre doing it yourself and need to use bobby pins poke the pins through the ends where they are likely looser, it will take some effort so i suggest trying it out a few times, the best way to make it look less messy is to attack hair ornamentation to an area that seems to not want to work, ot is bulging out
    i suggest the first option as it will be easier to do hope this helps
  • Thanks! I plan to do my hair myself, or have my sister help if she is willing. Im hoping to do an "all up" type style and i was concidering a bun with flowers as well...i will most def need a few trial runs lol
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  • for sure but it is possible just place the bobby pins where you dreads are the loosest
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