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    [QUOTE]Ok, apparently you guys are way too serious on this website. sorry i even asked you all. we're going to have a funny wedding because unlike you all we dont take life too seriously! just because we want to make sure our wedding is funny, memorable, unique or whatever... doens't mean it's immature, inappropriate, or not sacred. "To infinity and beyond" means FOREVER! how is that not a commitment?? i seriously don't understand you people at all. and by the way, i never asked any of your opinions. i asked for new ideas, not a judement on what my fiance and i have already decided on doing. if i could figure out how to delete this whole post, i would. thanks to you guys i will no longer be using this website. you've left a bad taste in my mouth by how stuck up you all sound. i hope your weddings and your marriages are as bland and snooty as you all make yourselves out to be. goodbye.
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    Ignore all the judgments and judgmental people who responded- do what YOU want in your ceremony. We added funny parts too and the best weddings I have been to for the couples who are most committed to each other later were ones that had ceremoniesTRUE TO THEM. A sense of humor is incredibly important in a marriage, and if you can't enjoy the wedding, why plan one? If you want to be solemn and serious, you could do that in a courthouse without as many witnesses. Most people don't want to sit and listen to readings for hours: they want to be engaged in the ceremony and celebrate the couple.
  • I know this was so last year but i love all of your ideas... i want my guest to have a great time the whole time.. being funny does not take away the seriousness of the event and it makes your guest wonder whats coming next, instead of falling asleep ... they will remember funny and so will I...


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    Humor is one thing, but none of the things suggested in your OP strike me as particularly funny-just contrived.  Especially #3.

    Rather than plan for humorous moments during your ceremony, I'd just let them happen naturally.  And if they don't, but you still have a lovely and moving wedding ceremony, well, that's still special and beautiful, isn't it?
  • For the love of sweet 6 pound 8 ounce baby Jesus, please stop resurrecting zombie threads.
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  • Wow, this is a particularly bad zombie thread.  What horrible ideas.

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