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FYI: Wedding Hair by Charlotte

I was in the process of booking this l Charleston, SC vendor for on-site hair and makeup service and was totally blindsided by thier rude reply. I was told that they would do on-site for just the bride (quote "That's fine. I'll be there") and waive the 3 person minimum.

After I started putting information together and getting funds ready I get an email saying that they are not going to do my wedding because the minimum, which I may add was upped from 3 listed on contract, to that they will only do 6-17 people onsite. Then to make things worse, they went to say that they would rather do a larger wedding. This was the BIGGEST smack in the face I have encountered with me wedding planning! The comment was not only unprofessional but downright rude.

For those looking at this vendor, go over the contact with a fine tooth comb and you better have a MASSIVE wedding party "WORTHY" of their time.
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