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Is anyone else considering this??

I am considering using a hair school for my wedding day hair and make up as well as for my BM's and flower girls.  I am trying to keep the cost down for everyone since when I called around it was going to be $70 or more for my hair and $55 for each one of theirs.  And the concern is that my bridal party consists of my 2 best friends and their daughters and my FI's daughter so each of us has to pay for 2 hair styles.  So what I am asking is has anyone else used the schools for a formal event and how did it turn out???
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Re: Is anyone else considering this??

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    I'm not, but I wouldn't see a problem with it - they're generally overseen by senior students and staff that would correct any problems.
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    I would recommend it.  When I was in cosmetology school, I did TONS of updos for weddings, proms, dances, etc. 

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind is this; most schools have a policy of not letting a client "request" an upper level student, meaning that in most schools there are three levels of students and the levels generally translate to how far along they are in the program. 

    I don't know if you have an Aveda Institute in your area, but that's where I went and I know the "process" as far as schedules go. 

    I would advise you to go in later in the week, thursday is usually a good day.  At the Aveda Institute, the lower level class is in theory (meaning they aren't on the floor) and your chances for getting a more "seasoned" student is a lot higher.   Just go in, and get any service, even a shampoo/style and ask your stylist for advice as to who she/he would reccommend for updos and makeup.

    Good Luck!
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    irishangieb is correct, i would recommend a hairschool , teachers are there to help out, with any service it basically cannot go wrong at a hairschool just make sure youre going in later in the year rather then earlier in the year
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    I am actually thinking od doing this too! I agree with PP that they should be watched and chances are that they could do a better job bc thier instructor will come and make sure you are happy with the result before giving them credit :)  PLEASE PLEASE post on here and let me know if you use a school and your feelings on how it went since you are getting married in less than 2 weeks. Thanks!
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    I use to get my hair done at a hair school and you could not schedule an appointment or request a stylist. So this could cause logistical issues if you are trying to get hair and make up done before the ceremony. You could have a long wait and all of your WP may not get seen at the same time so find out the school's policy on this.
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